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Pablo Helguera: Club Americano

by Museum of Fine Arts Boston
New York-based artist and educator Pablo Helguera opens , the culmination of the artist’s residency at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This intimate one-room exhibition and shared space explores the historic foundations and contemporary definitions of American identity. Here, the term “American” is understood in the Pan-American sense: its Spanish translation, americano, can refer to anyone or anything from either North or South America. Helguera takes aesthetic inspiration from... [more]
Posted by Museum of Fine Arts Boston on 4/28

Anicka Yi: Life is Cheap

by Joel Kuennen
Anicka Yi, the recipient of the 2016 Hugo Boss Prize, opened consisting of three works, Lifestyle Wars, Immigrant Caucus, and Force Majeure, at the Guggenheim on April 21, 2017. The exhibition title is one part indictment, one part plea. “Life is cheap” is usually said with a quiet lilt; eyes down, a slight shake of the head. The disgust is projected both outward and inward. It’s a gesture of shame. But Yi hints at perhaps another invocation of the saying—that life is in fact cheap and easy... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 4/21

Let Them Eat Art! Dissent on Documenta 14’s Periphery

by Benjamin Busch
For Athenians, the presence of Documenta in Athens has raised a number of questions, including most importantly: how will this German-funded meta-exhibition transform the city, and what will happen after it has run its course? Yet for most Athenians, Documenta 14, whose tagline is “Learning from Athens,” will likely go unnoticed or even appear superfluous against the burdens of everyday life in the Greek capital. To be clear, while the exhibition does include Athenian and Greek artists, and... [more]
Posted by Benjamin Busch on 4/18

Bodies Off the Street: In Turkey, Artists Face Politics by Looking Inward

by Danyel Ferrari
On Sunday, Turkey will vote on a constitutional referendum, which threatens to expand the reach of the presidency. A “yes” () vote will bring more control into the hands of the current president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and his Justice and Development Party (AKP), strengthening the executive government and reducing remaining parliamentary powers. A “no” (hayir) vote rejects this expansion, but carries with it fears of governmental push-back, including the likely continuation of the current “state... [more]
Posted by Danyel Ferrari on 4/15

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Shawné Michaelain Holloway

by Christian Petersen
Shawné Michaelain Holloway is a new media artist currently based in Chicago. Her deeply personal work, which often casts its unflinching lens onto the artist herself, boldly addresses the intersections of race, feminism, and sexuality in the internet age. She sees simply logging onto the internet as a political gesture that can be imbued with intentionality. Holloway asks important questions about our immersion and participation in a digital world that we all take for granted, but don’t... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 4/5

At Locust Projects, a Tale of Two Factories and Two Artists

by Neil Vazquez
As we seemingly find ourselves spectators to the acceleration of political and environmental decline, two Israeli artists, Rotem Tamir and Omri Zin, are targeting industrial factory processes in an exploratory, performative project. The husband-and-wife team are collaborating for the first time in at Locust Projects in Miami. The piece encompasses two independent, modular “factories,” each managed and operated by the respective artists. Tamir’s factory produces helium-filled latex balloons,... [more]
Posted by Neil Vazquez on 3/10

Facing the Black Mirror: Jack & Leigh Ruby Cut Up Reality at the Barbershop

by Andrea Alessi
ArtSlant will be exhibiting the ArtSlant Prize 2016 Winners at SPRING/BREAK. In expectation of this uniquely site-specific, curatorial fair, we’re featuring four interviews with participating curators and artists, asking them what they see reflected in the black mirror.   In a previous life, Jack & Leigh Ruby worked as confidence artists, cleverly fabricating portfolios of fake evidence to perpetrate insurance fraud. Today, the sibling duo makes tangled artworks that capitalize... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 2/9

In a Gentrifying London Neighborhood, Artists Connect Personal and Global Displacement

by Danyel Ferrari
It’s a decidedly vulnerable act many of us have experienced: the frantic search for something in your bag, bent over or on your knees in airport or a train station, personal articles spread out around you as you hunt for missing keys or passport, maybe trying to keep certain items hidden—tampons, condoms, echoes of bodies and sexuality deemed too personal for public exposure. Berlin-based artist Tanja Ostojić’s ongoing project , first performed in Zagreb in 2009, centers on a simple but... [more]
Posted by Danyel Ferrari on 1/10

Doxology: Dell M. Hamilton’s BLUES\BLANK\BLACK

by jeffrey mcnary
Click here to learn about writing community exhibition reviews on ArtSlant.   “…right now being born a girl is to be born threatened…” —Ntozake Shange With the Christmas holiday rapidly approaching, a limited audience gathered at the Ethelbert Cooper Gallery of African and African American Art at Harvard University for a riveting performance of a work challenging issues of race, gender, violence and indefensible doings by segments of the law enforcement community. There, Dell M.... [more]
Posted by jeffrey mcnary on 1/7

Who Are the Modern “Creatives”? Social Currency and the Self-Made Artist

by Lauren McQuade
As I walked up to Andrü Sisson’s studio on the morning of the press preview for his self-produced debut solo show, , I saw what the past few months of collaborating with musician and friend, Rocco DeLuca, must have been like. Sisson sat on the floor of a matte black van parked in front of his studio. Its open shell provided the only source of shade on a cloudless late September day, the sun spitting out the last of summer’s relentless 90-degree heat. DeLuca stood nearby on the sidewalk,... [more]
Posted by Lauren McQuade on 12/21/16