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My painting is tomorrow's painting. Watch and see.

by Ed Schad
—Forest Bess, 1951   I saw my first Forrest Bess at the Hammer in 2008, in Amy Sillman's room in curator Gary Garrell's Oranges and Sardines, a group show composed of artists choosing their favorite artists. Star of David, 1959, was one of three paintings I remember, the other two being a devastating little Paul Thek called God is, 1988, and a little hard edge by Juan Melé called Irregular Frame No. 2, 1946. None of these artists are exactly famous, though they inspired Sillman enough to... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 11/6/13

Notes on ‘The Encyclopedic Palace’. A Venetian tour through the Biennale

by Federico Florian
That day, the Yellow Emperor showed the poet his palace. They left behind, in long succession, the first terraces on the west which descend, like the steps of an almost measureless amphitheater, to a paradise or garden whose metal mirrors and intricate juniper hedges already prefigured the labyrinth. They lost themselves in it, gaily at first, as if condescending to play a game, but afterwards not without misgiving, for its straight avenues were subject to a curvature, ever so slight, but... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 6/19/13
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