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Putting Paint to the Test

by Lori Zimmer
Using scenes from classic cinema as inspiration, Susan Bee’s new body of work puts her medium to the test: with her painterly brushstrokes and jabs competing with the pictorial film stills as the subjects of her paintings. In her solo exhibition, “Criss Cross,” the artist has taken on the impassioned glances and forlorn stares of the silver screen, but removed them from the vintage glamour of chiaroscuro. With purposeful movement and motion evident in her painting, Bee has given each classic... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 6/25/13

Theater of Painting: Susan Bee + Bradley Rubenstein

by Bradley Rubenstein
Susan Bee is a painter, editor, and book artist who lives in New York. Bee is represented by Accola Griefen Gallery, New York, where she will have a solo show of new paintings from May 23 to June 29, 2013. Criss Cross: New Paintings will be accompanied by a catalog with an essay by art critic and poet, Raphael Rubinstein. Susan Bee, Criss Cross, 2012, 24 X 30 in., oil, enamel and sand on canvas; Courtesy of the artist. Bradley Rubenstein: Susan, I just saw this piece by Roger Denson in... [more]
Posted by Bradley Rubenstein on 3/24/13

Subverting Society: Autonomy in the Portraiture of Barkley L. Hendricks

by Alexandra Giniger
One might assume that the power of the artist lies in his ability to create his subjects. The series of portraits shown in Barkley L. Hendricks’ Heart Hands Eyes Mind, however, finds its unique authority in the artist’s capacity to allow his characters to define themselves. Rather than dictating the terms of their appearances, Hendricks seems to paint his subjects as they themselves would elect to be seen. The result is exhilarating; there is something fundamentally liberating in the... [more]
Posted by Alexandra Giniger on 3/12/13

Look out for the unicorn

by Kara Q. Smith
After going to this show, I spent the next two days holed up reading Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia. In around 1200 pages, West details her journey with her husband to Yugoslavia after World War One. Indistinguishable between fiction and non-fiction, she tells stories of past and present lives and experiences, bridging the distance between the reader and the experience. The story opens on a train: I could not have gone on to justify my certainty that... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 3/9/13

Materiality and Surface: abstracting form

by Courtney R. Thompson
Director/Curator Mary Reid’s counterview of contemporary artistic practice in Winnipeg pleasantly interrupted a reverie of city-centric exhibitions asserting legacies and mythologies of local artists and art production. The Winnipeg Art Gallery, of which Reid left her own legacy as Curator of Contemporary Art from 2004-2011, celebrates Winnipeg Now (September 29 –December 30, 2012), while Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art is currently midway through My Winnipeg Project: a series of four... [more]
Posted by Courtney R. Thompson on 1/24/13

le ventre de feu

by Kara Q. Smith
Occupying the center, bellies hold babies, beer, guts (literal and proverbial), and intestines. They are a measure of our earthly life yet seem to take on a life of their own: ballooning, billowing, expanding, bloating, giving new shape to our bodies at any given time. In the work of Dorothea Tanning, the stomach is beautiful, sexual, and enchanting. Wandering around the exhibition of Tanning’s work at Gallery Wendi Norris, I came to a halt in front of Traffic Sign, 1970. But then, that seemed... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 1/15/13

The Art of Dreaming

by Jana Zilova
The International Exhibition of 1867 in Paris was the first time Japanese art had been presented to the French public. This instigated a remarkably fruitful relationship between traditional Japanese landscape etching and the nascent Impressionist movement. Philippe Burty, an art critic at the time, coined the term ‘Japonisme’. This exhibition at the Pinacothèque was ambitiously conceived, for two reasons. Firstly, it presents for the first time in France an extensive exhibition of Utagawa... [more]
Posted by Jana Zilova on 1/6/13

Watchlist Artist: Shao Fan

Galerie Urs Meile is pleased to announce the opening of Shao Fan’s very first solo exhibition at our gallery, “Appreciation of Oldness: The Paintings of Shao Fan,” in which we will showcase more than ten of his latest paintings. “Appreciation of Oldness” by Shao Fan is the central topic of the show. “Oldness” here does not indicate a physical or biological state, but rather refers to the beauty of the sublime, and is the fruit of a distillation of time and experience. “Appreciation of Oldness,”... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 11/12/12

The Magic of the Muse

by Parker Tilghman
Wyeth had Helga. Warhol had Edie. Man Ray had Kiki. Godard had Anna. Ann Demeulemeester has Patti and Collier Schorr has Jens. There is nothing quite like the perfect muse and it’s captivating to think of the power and presence a person must possess to be able to inspire some of the most gifted artists in history. It’s complex, this relationship between artist and muse. It is at once evocative and revealing, exposing the soul of the artist in such a way that an artwork’s emotional connection is... [more]
Posted by Parker Tilghman on 11/12/12

Long, Slow Paintings

by Aldrin Valdez
Rackstraw Downes’s Presidio: In the Sand Hills Looking West with ATV Tracks & Cell Tower (2012) is a long painting: an expansive, panoramic view of sand hills in a small city in Texas. In the foreground, ATV tracks are dark brown, suggesting movement and shadow. There are two prominent hills creating a droopy, curvy “M.” Between these two hills, the downward slope frames a cluster of houses. Mint green and hot orange, these structures communicate to the viewer that they are very far away.... [more]
Posted by Aldrin Valdez on 11/5/12
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