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PEZ: 15 Years Smiling with Friends

by Char Jansen
Legendary Spanish artist PEZ has just opened a solo show in London, at the Westbank Gallery W11, up until the 24th of this month. Following on from a solo gig earlier in the month in Sweden, Pez returns to London for the first time since his 2012 exhibition at Tony’s Gallery. The propagator of the “Funny Happy Barcelona style” – which in its basic form, is a smiling fish – presents new works on canvas, plus collaborative works with “friends” – among them, Sickboy, Stinkfish, Cranio, Cope2,... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 9/23/14

Street Artists Sue Over Copyright Infringement: Inspiration vs. Theft

by Monica Torres
“The good poet welds his theft into a whole of feeling which is unique, utterly different from that from which it was torn.”   T.S. Eliot From graffiti art covering a burnt-out chapel in a Hollywood blockbuster, remnants of a mural etched on a designer shirt, graffiti is a commonplace influence found in popular culture, a far stretch from the underground where it originated. But, recently, there's been a spate of recent lawsuits involving street artists lately, accusing marketers, designers,... [more]
Posted by Monica Torres on 9/18/14

From Classic Painting to Graffuturism: Poesia, Reflexive, at the Shooting Gallery

by Eva Recinos
Beyond his individual work, artist Poesia has made a huge impact on the world of graffiti. As the founder of the site, the artist launched a movement that resulted in group shows everywhere from Los Angeles to Paris. In San Francisco, he recently curated the show A Major Minority, which showcased the work of more than 100 artists from more than 18 countries. In both his curatorial work and his style, the artist continues to inspire budding talents in the graffiti and street art... [more]
Posted by Eva Recinos on 8/31/14

NUART FESTIVAL 2014. "Beneath the pavement, The Beach"

by Natalie Hegert
I’ve been doing a bit of studying up lately. So far I’ve learned that the rules concerning the sale of alcohol in Norway rival those I’ve encountered in Utah: not available on Sundays, or after 6pm most days; for some reason there’s a couple of days in May that are totally off-limits; oh and supermarkets only sell beer that’s 2.5% alcohol (worse than Utah’s 3.2!), for the stronger stuff you’ve got to go to someplace called Vinmonopolet (I’d venture a guess that literally means “wine monopoly”),... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 8/23/14

Car Culture: the 14th Annual Uptown Whittier Car Show

by Natalie Hegert
Los Angeles, California is synonymous with car culture. From lowriders to hot rods, Woodies and Super Deluxes, customized historic cars are a commonplace sighting on the streets of LA. At the height of the movement in the 1970s, the historic locus of the lowrider cruise was Whittier Boulevard, and throughout the city of Whittier one can see signs of this cultural heritage.     Newly local to the area, I checked out the 14th Annual Uptown Whittier Car Show on August 16. Greenleaf Ave... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 8/20/14

Miami’s Ahol Sniffs Glue Sues American Eagle Outfitters for Copyright Infringement

by Monica Torres
Graffiti art that graces city walls stands resolutely apart from other forms of art: it can’t be purchased, owned and moved into a gallery or private home like a canvased painting (usually). As part of a city’s public landscape, graffiti art belongs to everybody and nobody – just like the streets they adorn. But, many images sketched along the walls of neighborhoods, such as Miami’s Wynwood area, are original creations, conceived by some of the world’s most prominent artists like Shepard... [more]
Posted by Monica Torres on 8/19/14

5Pointz Demolition to Begin: Another Nail in the Coffin of NYC

by Howie Stier
Demolition may commence any day on New York City’s 5 Pointz, the sprawling concrete structures occupying an entire city block famously polychromed by an array of styles that over the past ten years made it one of the most recognized graffiti landmarks in the world. Owner of the Long Island City, Queens site David Wolkoff had the art painted over last November in preparation for tearing down the former warehouse that had housed art studios at below market rates. Wolkoff  was granted a special... [more]
Posted by Howie Stier on 8/17/14

Fresh from Hawaii: Defer and Kamea's Paradise Lost at 1AM Galler

by Eva Recinos
Taking inspiration from the canonical epic poem, "Paradise Lost" will present the work of Kamea Hadar and Defer. The artists currently live and work in Hawaii and echo the themes of “Paradise Lost” by depicting this current-day paradise in unexpected ways. Kamea's work alters the typical image of a beautiful woman with a flower in her hair; in one of his pieces, a girl looks out calmly at the viewer while a Hawaiian flower on her hair burns in orange and red flames. Defer's works show his... [more]
Posted by Eva Recinos on 8/5/14

ALO: Hail to the Loser, on now at Saatchi Gallery's Print Space

by Char Jansen
Opening this week is a 50-piece exhibition by Italian street artist Alo. Presented at the Saatchi’s gallery’s dedicated print space (a small, windowless room on the lower ground floor), the show is packed with all-new works, mostly originals on found wood – a significant undertaking for an emerging artist working solo – though piled up their individual effect becomes diluted by repetition. Auto-didact Alo came to East London’s fertile streets a few years ago leaving his blocky, graphic... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 7/30/14

Final Days: Oceanic

The latest intermittent gallery to tap into London’s burgeoning commercialised urban scene is the initiative of a self-styled Parisian power couple who also run the somewhat controversial Street Art News. Oceanic is a two artist show of works by Askew One and Fintan Magee, both originally from Australasia, and the characteristics of the Pacific region are the connecting premise for this new week long show. New works, an editioned collaborative print and new murals are on show inside a beautiful... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 7/27/14
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