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The Everyday Takes Control: Stefan Constantinescu's Films on Love

by Olga Stefan
In the first of seven films in a series dealing with love between men and women (started in 2009 and proposed to end in 2019), a man sits down on a bus in Bucharest, Romania and telephones his wife or girlfriend. He becomes increasingly threatening and verbally violent, compulsively repeating the same questions and accusations over and over in a sort of trance-like loop. (Bus number 92) (2009) depicts a very private and intimate conversation that is played out in the public space, turning the... [more]
Posted by Olga Stefan on 3/21/14

Punk is Dead (again)

by James Loks
So sang Crass in their 1978 track Punk is Dead... And the big time promoter in this instance is the French state via Cité de la Musique, where, from a certain perspective, Punk suffers the final ignominy of transferring from cultural reference or product for sale to vitrine protected cultural artefact to be perused by head-nodding, chin-stroking, pram-pushing families on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Bazooka Production, Paris 1975; collection Bernard Vidal.   From a different point... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 1/21/14