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Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Dylan Neuwirth

by Christian Petersen
Seattle-based artist Dylan Neuwirth has carved a distinct path in the world of digital art. Of course he’s not the only artist to represent his thoughts on the digital age through non-digital, physical objects. But he’s made his unique mark using the archaic element of neon to meditate on the complexities of our world. Neuwirth’s work combines instant gratification with esoteric exploration. A thread of thoughtful, electronic paganism runs through much of his creations, but he is careful to... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 8/24/16

The Good, the Fad, and the Ugly: Writing the Wrongs in Text-Based Art

Actions do not often speak louder than words: words actions. They are the most devastating weaponry and the most powerful tools that humans possess, having delivered more damage—and greater understanding—than anything else known to us. Words have built states, empires, and civilizations, and they have written the destruction of the same. Our archives of treaties, artifacts, and agreements are among the most revered treasures in museums the world over. They include the visual arrangements of... [more]
Posted by DARREN JONES on 2/15/16

Looking for the Future at Frieze London

by James Loks
Looking around an art fair with a fixed criteria is an amazing thing. I’d recommend it to any visitor as a tool to cut through the vast amount of work that will pass in front of their eyes. It doesn’t have to be fancy or intelligent. It can be as simple as “I’m only looking for blue,” or “ceramics,” or “a piece of work that I would hang above the fireplace.” In all instances it forms connections between works that wouldn’t otherwise be connected, and makes viewing the fair active rather than... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/16/15

Funhouse Fascination

by John Gayer
Highlighting his win of this year’s Ars Fennica prize, Jeppe Hein’s also forms the celebrated artist’s first solo exhibition in Finland. The choice was made by Akiko Miki, Senior Curator at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. Her decision was informed by the way his work affects behavior and engages perception. Thus, it makes perfect sense that the exhibition presents an elucidating overview of his output ranging from his use of reflective materials, geometric shapes, repetitive actions, text,... [more]
Posted by John Gayer on 12/6/13

Less Than Kind

by Stephanie Cristello
Commercials set to an uplifting loop of an indie song – the violins, the slow crescendo of choir voices, a gratifying and persistent drumbeat – this sound is reified, a ubiquitous, and entirely digestible image of faux-celebration used to market a feeling of . This over-heartened and insufferably “inspirational” attitude strikes an irritating nerve in some, but the trope of the live-for-today individual is often hard to criticize, or even notice, in its calculated blandness. Desensitization to... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 8/9/13

Interview with Shezad Dawood

by Philippa Snow
London-born Shezad Dawood is an artist whose work deals, variously, with notions of cultural interplay, narrative histories, Otherness and cross-collaboration; his most recent work, which launches June 7 at the ICA, is the full-length science fiction film Piercing Brightness, which imagines a parallel between the typically filmic Close Encounter, and the themes of migration and visitation, and of societal integration. Film (in particular, the style of the B-movie and of the arthouse picture)... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 6/2/13


by Frances Guerin
On the face of it, this exhibition, Néon. Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue? is just plain fun. With the Maison Rouge all lit up in different colored neon lights, both industrially produced and hand-crafted  tubes bringing the walls to life, inviting us to walk into spaces saturated in impossible colors. A visit to Néon is ostensibly a joyful, light way to spend an afternoon. Then as we quickly realize, neon has more to it than meets the eye. Neon lights may look pretty, but they... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 4/17/12

Neon Installations

Galerie Templon is showing a series of neon installations by conceptual Chinese artist He An, never before seen in France.   He An's neon and LED sculptures are made up of characters stolen from the neon signs that light up his native city of Wuhan. Using these salvaged ideograms, often time - and weather - damaged, the artist recreates the names of people who are dear to him. For example, we see the name of his father and of a Japanese erotic actress, the illicit heroine of his youth when... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 12/18/11

Paris Artists in Berlin

by E-Slant Team
Im Rahmen von Paris-Berlin präsentiert die Galerie kamel mennour 5 ihrer Künstler in der Galerie Jan Wentrup. Christine Rebet zeigt eine Installation, inspiriert vom Großbrand Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts, der den Erlebnispark auf Coney Island, New York zerstörte. Der 16mm Film „Tell me about your dream" zeigt die unwahrscheinliche Diskussion zwischen einem Tiger als Psychoanalytiker und seiner jungen Patientin. Zusätzlich wird eine Auswahl an Zeichnungen aus der Serie „Tiger escape", dem... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 1/11/09