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Altered States and Multiple Identities: A Performance Festival Questions the Multiverse

by Himali Singh Soin
The poetics of the multiverse are, appropriately, myriad. Some argue it is another capitalist machine of endless reproduction—an assembly line of universes—and a theory perpetuating need, consumed in abundance like goods. Others find it humbling, a relief from an anthropocentric view of consciousness on Earth.  The idea that there are several universes, the multiverse is inaccessible and possibly equally lifelike, has returned to contemporary discourse in the recent decade, post-Marx,... [more]
Posted by Himali Singh Soin on 9/17/15

This Is Not a Music Video: A Video Art Playlist

by Edo Dijksterhuis
“Video killed the radio star,” The Buggles sang in 1979. The song brims with nostalgic longing for a simpler, low-tech era that was more authentic and wholesome. Two years later MTV was launched, the first television network to non-stop broadcast music videos. With a self-congratulating sense of irony the programmers selected “Video Killed the Radio Star” as the first clip to be shown. The event may not have marked the actual death of the radio star but it did introduce a new reality in pop... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 6/1/15

What Does Christian Marclay's Glass Harp Sound Like?

by Cassie Packard
There is a certain subset of art that sustains the moment prior to critical thinking: that place before or beyond thought. Aesthetically attuned, the spectator is an empty glass resonating with vibrations, an orange pricked by a thumbnail, but not yet peeled. It’s a sweet pleasure to immerse myself in visual and aural sensations without probing them, questioning them, demanding the things of them that we must demand, as the socially responsible culture consumers that we are. Biweekly... [more]
Posted by Cassie Packard on 2/16/15

The Magical Elixir of Art Pop

by Paul Hanford
To some, the relationship between art and pop is pretty negligent. It exists in the value of Kanye West's design collection (est. $946,708 net worth) or the newsworthy copy of Millie Brown vomiting over Lady Gaga, but symbiotically? Yeah, I hear the groans. "Pretentious!"—they exclaim towards the latest Bjork multi-platform app or "turn this fucking shit off" as I'm forced to remove the needle from Trout Mask Replica. To these people, the clever, meaningless lyrics of early Eno and Ferry are... [more]
Posted by Paul Hanford on 1/14/15

Why Patti Loves Paris and Paris Loves Patti

by James Loks
Patti loves Paris and Paris loves Patti, and the question that I’d ask is why? Now right at the beginning, up front, I need to make a few things clear. First, let me state that this relates to our FIAC coverage because Patti is performing at the most sought after, and possibly the only gig to feature as part of the FIAC programme. It's a reunion with John Cale, on Thursday night, at Fondation Cartier. Since this hardly seems sufficient to qualify my bold assertion I’ll also add that in 2005... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/23/14

Luftwerk in Conversation: Turning Iconic Architecture into Multimedia Installations

by Lee Ann Norman
For more than ten years, Luftwerk (the creative vision of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero) have created art installations that merge elements of light and video with facets of architecture and design. An opportunity to create a new media exhibit for the centennial celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House in 2010 sparked a growing interest in architecture leading to a deeper engagement with space and culturally significant buildings. Luftwerk will have an installation at the Mies van der... [more]
Posted by Lee Ann Norman on 10/14/14

Confrontational Aesthetics: Choirboys Sing Insults in Allora & Calzadilla Performance

by Art Vidrine
The Earth breaks along fault lines. Mountains are pushed up; buildings crumble. Active faults are sites of extreme subterranean tension that operate on an unpredictable timeline with potentially devastating environmental, economic, and social aftershocks. To live near a fault is to live with unending uncertainty. Entire cities and nations have suffered when the earth shudders along her lines. All of this would seem like ample fodder for the socially and politically minded artists Allora &... [more]
Posted by Art Vidrine on 10/2/14

Bowie Victims: Confessions from David Bowie Is at the MCA Chicago

by Natalie Hegert
I’m not sure exactly what Jon Savage meant when he referred to “Bowie victims” in his book about the birth of punk rock, , but ever since I read that phrase it stuck with me. In a way I identified with it—being a big David Bowie adherent—and didn’t necessarily consider it as a derogatory term. I figure he meant teens obsessed with Bowie, the young androgynes with their flared high waters and platform boots, teased mullets and green eye makeup, coyly copying the style of Ziggy Stardust with... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 9/29/14

David Bowie Is: Star Power – An Interview with Michael Darling

coming to the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in just a few weeks, is unprecedented to the extent that it is the first massive solo show the MCA has ever given to a musician. But as James W. Alsdorf Chief Curator Michael Darling discusses below, he was drawn to the exhibition because Bowie emulates the blending of media, the crossing over of disciplines he finds so relevant to contemporary artists’ practices. Darling was kind enough to sit down with me this month and explain how the... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 8/29/14

September in New York: Maneuver the mania

by Charlie Schultz
There is a shift in every August when this art critic’s inbox goes from near vacancy to nearly too packed to approach. The slim pickings of late summer exhibitions explode into a buffet of delicious opportunities. Great art, it seems, is everywhere in the city and the challenge (for me) is to not grotesquely over consume, which has taken years of practice and willpower development. And even still, it’s not a guarantee. In fact, despite my best efforts to maneuver the mania I have not yet moved... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 8/28/14
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