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Under the Radar: Simona Brinkmann | Ordí Calder | Gabriel Stoian

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Simona Brinkmann – London Ordí Calder – Armação dos Búzios, Brazil Gabriel Stoian –... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 2/12

Under the Radar: Matthew Craven | Clovis Blackwell | Dani Dodge

by The Artslant Team
Follow your favorite artists to see new work and exhibitions by adding them to your watchlist. Matthew Craven – Los Angeles, exhibiting at Art Los Angeles Contemporary by Asya Geisberg Gallery Clovis Blackwell – Pasadena, exhibiting at stARTup Art Fair... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 1/27

Who Are the Modern “Creatives”? Social Currency and the Self-Made Artist

by Lauren McQuade
As I walked up to Andrü Sisson’s studio on the morning of the press preview for his self-produced debut solo show, , I saw what the past few months of collaborating with musician and friend, Rocco DeLuca, must have been like. Sisson sat on the floor of a matte black van parked in front of his studio. Its open shell provided the only source of shade on a cloudless late September day, the sun spitting out the last of summer’s relentless 90-degree heat. DeLuca stood nearby on the sidewalk,... [more]
Posted by Lauren McQuade on 12/21/16

In a Timely Retrospective, Nil Yalter Puts Undocumented Lives on the Record

by Pınar Üner Yılmaz
On a regular Tuesday night in the fall of 2016, the emergency room of a central hospital in Istanbul echoes with a scream. Hardly understandable, in a foreign language. Not Turkish, not completely English, possibly Arabic. A woman demands help for her toddler, who’s burning up, unconscious. The doctors are trying to explain to her, in English, that she brought her child to a private hospital and she needs to pay a lot of money before her child gets treated. Being a refugee, desperate for help,... [more]
Posted by Pınar Üner Yılmaz on 11/7/16

Looking at, and Through, Photography

by Peter Cochrane
Ivan Iannoli uses photography as a catalyst. He uses its unique scientific, artistic, and mechanical histories: as the standardization of the width of a film negative begat photographic paper sizes; as precut acrylic sheets fit perfectly into manufactured frames; as the industrial revolution set into motion the uniformity of items that were previously made to order. He taps into the ways in which artists before him have advanced photography beyond its material constraints—in the way that, say,... [more]
Posted by Peter Cochrane on 7/5/16

Piecing It All Together: Nathaniel Mary Quinn Transfigures a Shattered World

by Sola Agustsson
Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s fragmented portraits recall his childhood growing up in the Robert Taylor Homes, a notorious housing project in Chicago. His new series , now on view at M+B in Los Angeles, features highly personal works that reflect on his upbringing and the people he knew who were able to escape the violence and poverty so many experienced in the now demolished project. Though his pieces resemble collages, they are in fact improvised paintings. Quinn does not do initial sketches of his... [more]
Posted by Sola Agustsson on 5/31/16

Ebony G. Patterson's Un-visible Bodies

by Zachary Cahill
Ebony G. Patterson’s first NY solo exhibition,  at the Museum of Arts and Design teems with light and shadow, evocations of death and new life, the sacred and the quotidian. The exhibition teems. There are flowers everywhere, carrying with them all the myriad cultural and ritual associations. Overgrown and opulent, Dead Treez connects with viewers through its palpable much-ness. With a surfeit of finely wrought materials the artist creates an affective atmosphere we often associate with loss,... [more]
Posted by Zachary Cahill on 3/2/16

Magic & Language: Exhibitions to See During Armory Arts Week

by Stephanie Cristello
Magic and language share a few essential qualities: they are both transformative in nature, and in the experience of each, information is lost along the way. They are mutually systems of artifice. Words make ideas out of things, an approach to understanding the world around us that often goes unnoticed, just as an unexplained phenomenon creates a distortion, precisely causing it to go noticed, to resonate. Though there is potential to reach each result on similar grounds through different... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 3/3/16

Great Art Reduced to Origins in What about Africa?

by Edo Dijksterhuis
, at Witteveen Visual Art Centre in Amsterdam, is an exhibition with top-notch art on display. At the same time, its concept is highly problematic. The show brings together works by fourteen artists, who have little in common besides being African. They hail from countries like Morocco, South Africa, Benin, and Kenya—places removed from each other by the full length and breadth of a vast continent. In terms of social background, national history, or ethnicity the participants are as much alike... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 2/3/16

The Object of Guns and the Subject of Violence: The American Gun (Art) Show

by Leora Lutz
A report published in September 2015 on stated that Oakland is the third most dangerous city in the United States, following Memphis and Detroit. The Bay Area in general, from the East Bay to the South Bay, is plagued with violence, though the entire nation could use an attitude adjustment—particularly when it comes to gun violence. I live in Oakland, and as can be expected when someone’s town or city is wracked with hostile incidents, there is a tendency to localize fear and pain, to localize... [more]
Posted by Leora Lutz on 1/28/16