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A Startling and Shifty Beauty

by Danielle Grant
Beginning with its titular linguistic play, Jonah Suskind’s inquires into the realm of the handmade and the transformative possibilities of the tangible. Rendering unassuming everyday objects from unassuming everyday materials, Susskind conflates the basic makeup of the urban world and presents an almost chilling, alchemic mastery of materialistic potential. Susskind’s work is a fitting point of entry to examine questions surrounding modes of production in daily life. Despite the unassuming... [more]
Posted by Danielle Grant on 1/11/14

The Conspicuousness of the Unusable

by Matthew Shen Goodman
Doubling as a bookshop and event space for philosophy publisher Sequence Press, Miguel Abreu Gallery’s always had an ambitious engagement with philosophy. “Conspicuous Unusable,” Abreu’s latest show, takes the philosopher’s conception of the usability of material things as the starting point for a well-curated, minimalist-oriented group show. To Heidegger, material objects are made legible by our referring to both the "towards which" of their intended use and the "whereof" of their original... [more]
Posted by Matthew Shen Goodman on 8/20/13

New Directions in Abstraction: Interview with Rebecca Ward

by Fred Paginton
A few months ago back in April, I had the pleasure of meeting the wonderfully talented, young American abstract artist, Rebecca Ward, before her solo exhibition, Cow Tipping, at London’s Ronchini Gallery. We talked about the ideas and references of Arte Povera that resonate through her latest works, and Ward’s recent turn of attention towards painting, away from her previous installation work. Fascinated with the exploration of colour and space, Rebecca Ward approaches this medium in the same... [more]
Posted by Fred Paginton on 7/21/13