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Metro Manila Meets Dubai: Curator Ringo Bunoan Talks Art Dubai's Philippines Focus

by Danna Lorch
This week Art Dubai will be the first international fair to give contemporary art from the Philippines pride of place, as Ringo Bunoan (an artist, writer, researcher, and curator) curates Marker, the fair’s annual geographically-focused presentation. Under Bunoan’s direction Marker’s 100-square-meter area will concentrate on four artist-run spaces in metro Manila: 98-B, Post Gallery, Project 20, and Thousandfold. Installations by the late Roberto Chabet, widely recognized as the Philippine’s... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 3/16/16

Jen Urso

          Jen Urso presents a collection of videos, photographs, drawings, and writings that explore the subtleties in between social and urban spaces in the Modified Arts exhibition, the things in between. On display from April 15 - May 14, the exhibition opens with a public reception on Third Friday, April 15 from 6-9pm. Urso says of the project, "A lot of communication comes through during a conversation that has nothing to do with the words that are being said-through... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/17/11