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Security // An Evidence Locker

by Sarah Rose Sharp
  Foreword Originally, we conceived of this project as a digital “round table” between security guards, artists, arts workers, and those with general interests in arts and culture, considering the theme of security workers à la Fred Wilson’s Guarded View. We quickly realized two things: a) this idea was not new, and b) this idea was politically loaded. As art workers, writers, and people who pay close attention to practices of equity in the field, we are hyper-sensitive to practices of... [more]
Posted by Sarah Rose Sharp on 6/1/16

The Plural Present: Artists Research Unconditional Love

by Himali Singh Soin
In , Italo Calvino illustrates, with the aid of an Italian folktale, how love might be a force of attraction that holds the very craft of a story that brings seemingly disjunct events together. King Charlemagne, spellbound by a ring, falls in love with whoever possesses it: a young girl, an old man, and finally, a lake. “To hold this chain of events together, there is a verbal link, the word 'love' or 'passion,' which establishes a continuity between different forms of attraction. There is also... [more]
Posted by Himali Singh Soin on 5/18/15

Transitioning Through a Love Affair

by Andrew Berardini
Have you ever fallen in love? Her face is open, unselfconscious, laughing. Framed by wash of blonde hair, the light sheen of sweat settles on her skin and both eyes beam, full of trust and free of tension. Here is unalloyed happiness on the face of a full-grown woman, a joy one rarely sees in adults. Of course, she’s looking at her love, the man holding the camera. As a love-story between this couple unfolds in scattered pictures, videos, and poems read aloud (each word a thud, but so... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 10/21/14

(cosmic) love and coffee in the times of digital alienation: Gia, Amalia, Rosetta, Marina

by Elise Lammer
is the color of teenagers' cheeks when they’re secretly falling in love   For the third time in Palo Alto by Gia Coppola, they meet. It’s daytime. They study at the same high school but not the same class. So much has happened since that disastrous party, they both thought it was over, their untold love would not survive. Walking towards each other, they pretend to not notice the disturbing presence of the other getting closer. They slow down their pace, in perfect harmony—look at each... [more]
Posted by Elise Lammer on 8/23/14

The Everyday Takes Control: Stefan Constantinescu's Films on Love

by Olga Stefan
In the first of seven films in a series dealing with love between men and women (started in 2009 and proposed to end in 2019), a man sits down on a bus in Bucharest, Romania and telephones his wife or girlfriend. He becomes increasingly threatening and verbally violent, compulsively repeating the same questions and accusations over and over in a sort of trance-like loop. (Bus number 92) (2009) depicts a very private and intimate conversation that is played out in the public space, turning the... [more]
Posted by Olga Stefan on 3/21/14