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Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Xaviera López

by Christian Petersen
‪Xaviera López is a Chilean animator who was an early adopter of the short video app Vine. Alongside a few likeminded souls she helped reveal the creative potential of the deceptively limited platform. The challenge of packing ideas, depth, and emotion into a maximum of six seconds has lead to a new visual language that has spread across all motion-based mediums. López creates hallucinatory, visual poems that expertly utilize traditional drawing and animation techniques in a uniquely modern... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 9/7/16

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Faith Holland

by Christian Petersen
New York-based Faith Holland only started making work within the medium about five years ago, but has quickly become a celebrated and beloved member of the new media art scene. Her often sexually suggestive work tackles serious subjects but usually has a strong and wry sense of humor running through it. The irreverent, self-aware joyfulness found in Holland's work is also a thread that runs through much contemporary new media art, and is something that separates it from, but is also hugely... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 2/10/16

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: V5MT

by Christian Petersen
Polish native V5MT (aka Małgosia Woźnica) is one of the most beloved GIF artists working today. She creates work that resonates strongly with both the international new media community and the Tumblr generation of kids hungry for cool things to post on social media. Her art certainly feels like part of the net art zeitgeist, but is elevated above the pack by her flawless technical skills coupled with a wonderfully anarchic aesthetic identity. The name V5MT itself reflects the universal appeal... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 1/13/16

Faith Holland's Cum "Paintings" Aren't Your Usual Cum Paintings

by Joel Kuennen
First, apologies for the puns to come. It’s difficult to talk about sexuality and eroticism without making a bad pun or two. Sexuality has seemingly always been a site of discomfort in our culture: through it, we are laid naked and bare, both literally and via the fetishes that express the darkest sublimations of gendered relations. The advent of a communication tool and platform for largely consequence-free expression—the internet—has greatly affected the role pornography and sexuality play in... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 6/19/15