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Installation Can Be Felt Underfoot

by Joel Kuennen
Rubble and rock crushed under foot. Dead twigs, rebar, and shoots pocked the boulder field like tiny flag poles, stripped of their sigils. Chirps from the ceiling revealed a nestled group of parakeets dropping white ordnance on a hill of grey concrete. The smell of dirt and dissolution hung in the stale air. Down some stairs, into a darkened basement, the first thing that greets is the smell of a bog, that slow but sweet smell of rot. Leaves float on three or four inches of murky water lit by a... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 9/10/15

What Is Photography in 2015? Boundless and Confident

by James Loks
“I don’t know what truth is. Truth is something unattainable. We can’t think we’re creating truth with a camera. But what we can do, is reveal something to the viewer that allows them to discover their own truth.”  —Marcel Brault    It’s a pretty grand quote with which to start an article, I know. Its relevance will become clear.  In Issue 2 of magazine (the magazine that accompanies the upcoming Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, September 18–21) Sean O’Hagan makes the argument that the... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 9/7/15

North America's Must-See Exhibitions This Fall

by The Artslant Team
Last week we gave you our top tips for shows big and small across Europe and the Middle East as the next season in culture gears up for new conversations and ideas. Fall is often the time to see the best in the museum and gallery's programming, and this year is no exception with a healthy choice of unique presentations. This week, we look to a region that always has our readership rapt: North America. From the big institutions to the alternative spaces off the beaten track, here's what is in... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/7/15

Top 15 Exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East This Fall

by The Artslant Team
It's time to emerge from our summer carapace and get on the gallery trail again. ArtSlant's editors and writers have been sifting through the torrents of press releases and Facebook events to find the best September has to offer—from the big institutes to the alternative art venues that might not be on your radar. How do we decide what makes it into our top 15? Of course, there are many good exhibitions to be found outside of this necessary reduction, but our editorial staff have an eye for art... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 8/30/15

The British (and the French) are coming!: Veterans meet new arrivals during Brussels Art Days

by Sam Steverlynck
That Brussels has a thriving art scene is no longer a secret to the international art community. We’ve reached the point where some media have even baptized what was formerly regarded as a dull and grey city as the “New Berlin.” There’s no better moment to check it out with your own eyes than during the seventh edition of Brussels Art Days (BAD), Brussels’ reply to the Gallery Weekend in Berlin you might say. Twenty-nine galleries open their doors next weekend, while others not affiliated under... [more]
Posted by Sam Steverlynck on 9/4/14

Art critic pattern blindness: On ignoring trends in Amsterdam this September

by Andrea Alessi
One of my colleagues crafted his city’s fall preview around the challenge of choosing exhibitions to visit when there’s so much to see. It’s a difficult task we all face, and quite frankly, I might have taken this approach myself. Instead, when charged with writing about September offerings I ended up looking for patterns; like a gallery staging a summer group show, I wondered what ad hoc themes I might attach to Amsterdam art this month. Of course, it’s a task more hopeless than trying to see... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 9/4/14

September in New York: Maneuver the mania

by Charlie Schultz
There is a shift in every August when this art critic’s inbox goes from near vacancy to nearly too packed to approach. The slim pickings of late summer exhibitions explode into a buffet of delicious opportunities. Great art, it seems, is everywhere in the city and the challenge (for me) is to not grotesquely over consume, which has taken years of practice and willpower development. And even still, it’s not a guarantee. In fact, despite my best efforts to maneuver the mania I have not yet moved... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 8/28/14
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