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Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Faith Holland

by Christian Petersen
New York-based Faith Holland only started making work within the medium about five years ago, but has quickly become a celebrated and beloved member of the new media art scene. Her often sexually suggestive work tackles serious subjects but usually has a strong and wry sense of humor running through it. The irreverent, self-aware joyfulness found in Holland's work is also a thread that runs through much contemporary new media art, and is something that separates it from, but is also hugely... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 2/10/16

Faith Holland's Cum "Paintings" Aren't Your Usual Cum Paintings

by Joel Kuennen
First, apologies for the puns to come. It’s difficult to talk about sexuality and eroticism without making a bad pun or two. Sexuality has seemingly always been a site of discomfort in our culture: through it, we are laid naked and bare, both literally and via the fetishes that express the darkest sublimations of gendered relations. The advent of a communication tool and platform for largely consequence-free expression—the internet—has greatly affected the role pornography and sexuality play in... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 6/19/15