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What Should the Accelerationist Fantasy Look Like?

by Josie Thaddeus-Johns
A crowd of chic young things stands on the balcony of a 13th century palace in the heart of Bologna, mingling as if their lives depended on it. On three sides, the sounds of different stages of electronic music are wafting into the night, while projected beams light up the masonry, young technology showing off the old building in a chiaroscuro of centuries. The 8th edition of Bologna’s music and art festival, Robot08, took place from October 7 to 10, 2015. Focused on sounds from the electronic... [more]
Posted by Josie Thaddeus-Johns on 10/19/15

Stories in Song and Shadow: An Interview with Sahra Motalebi

by Ana Finel Honigman
: Sahra Motalebi’s multimedia performance operetta, Intangible Heritages, Belief's Demise, staged at New York’s Sculpture Center in February, told the stories of neglected archetypical characters. Among the characters that Motalebi conjured from an ancient Eastern literary heritage were a prostitute, a warrior-prisoner, and an elderly recluse. She lyrically presented their interlaced narratives while they moved through a projected shadow play praised by curator Kari Rittenbach as a... [more]
Posted by Ana Finel Honigman on 8/10/14