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Trends at Moniker and The Other Art Fair: Ink and Etching

by James Loks
Producing a trend report for The Other Art Fair and Moniker is an almost impossible task given the diversity of the work on display, which is another way to say that there is a really mixed bag in terms of both quality and aspiration.  It might indeed be the best place to pick up some really good quality pictures for relatively little money, but I’ll spill the naked truth and admit that if you’re hoping to find the next big thing and make a million bucks, that isn’t going to happen here. If... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 10/16/15

Hardcore War Drawings by Goya Shown in the Middle East

by Char Jansen
Irena Gordon might be the most audacious curator in the Middle East—and it’s thanks to an exhibition of pro-peace artworks that are over a century old.  In a daring and rare show of 70 etchings, aquatints and drypoints by the Spanish court painter Francisco Goya has opened at the Hermann Struk Museum, Israel. In the context of the modern day Middle East, Goya’s metaphors and allegories become not only relevant once again, but also subversive.  Goya witnessed 19th century Spain during the... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 10/8/14

Light Writer

by Andrew Berardini
Who needs the sun? The dappling of sunlight through the branches of trees plays on pavement with incredible beauty. The shifting leaves shift light and the ground brightens and shadows with each rustle like the ambient waves of a gentle lake reflecting a midday sun. Coming out of photography, artist Anthony Pearson here etches plaster to mimic the play of light. He used to solarize photopaper and sometimes cast bronzes out of that. All very process oriented, swirling and tweaking the formal... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 3/25/14


by Paroma Maiti
Way back in 1992, the famous Indian actor-playwright Girish Karnad had directed a movie called ‘Cheluvi’ based on a Kannada folktale. The protagonist was a woman who possessed mystical powers that allowed her to turn into a tree when water was poured on her; a tree that bore flowers with a fragrance so unique and bewitching that selling those flowers became lucrative for her family, who from then on, went on selfishly turning her back and forth into a tree and a woman at their convenience –... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 11/16/12

For the Child Within

Maseman’s colorful and quirky etchings feature anachronistic modes of travel and incongruous characters.  These protagonists travel through their world, perhaps looking or searching for something. They don’t know where or when they will find it, or maybe even what “it” is, but they have an abiding faith that they will reach their destination.  Underlying much of Maseman’s work are reflections about home—whether it is a place one is going to, leaving from, or is carried within. Maseman’s works... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/29/12

Prints and Printed Books

provides visitors an occasion to view significant prints and printed books from the museum’s permanent collection which numbers over ten thousand, and spans the history of printmaking from 1493 to the present. Prints possess a multi-valent nature—both the subject and technique embodied in an image must be considered on equal footing, one not privileged over the other. The idea expressed on paper depends upon the printer’s abilities and particular materials to realize successfully the artist’s... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/8/12

Jim Dine: Telephone Call

by Nicholas James
- An interview by Nicholas James, recorded by mobile phone from Penarth, Wales with artist Jim Dine in his Paris studio. The conversation ranges from his early involvement with 'Happenings', staged in New York City at the turn of the '60s with Claes Oldenburg to his favourite subjects in his graphic work: hearts, tools, the bathrobe and extensive Pinocchio series. The exchange between interviewer and artist is terse and direct, conditioned by the fragile link of a long distance call. The... [more]
Posted by Nicholas James on 3/27/11

Pamela DiMauro

      Composed out of hundreds of small lines, and overlaid with graphic blocks of color, DiMauro's etchings are reminiscent of both the work of Albrecht Durer and Japanese botanical wood block prints. DiMauro wonders at plants and how effortlessly they make growing look, how beautifully they cycle through the seasons, and how graceful they are in their dying. DiMauro's etchings are elegant, subtle, and far removed from the average... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 11/8/10

Realism / Surrealism in Printmaking

by E-Slant Team
Although great strides have been made to move printmaking into different directions, it continues to attract those detail-loving, obsessive artists who find great satisfaction spending hundreds of hours on a cross-hatched line etching. This International group show features some outstanding examples of contemporary realism, magic realism and surrealism in printmaking. Early Bird Preview: June 2 - 5 Demonstration during the reception: Etching demonstration from 6:30- 7:00... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/1/09

Life in Space: Staging Identity

by Nico Machida
represents the second iteration of the Dallas Museum of Art’s intern exhibition program. As I had a hand in organizing the project, what follows is not a review as much as an explication of one conceptual thread that underlies this particular group of works. Though one commonality between the works on display prompts the exhibition’s title—namely, the sense of a relationship between cultural space and identity construction in the instance of each—another compelling point rests... [more]
Posted by Nico Machida on 4/19/09
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