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At LA Pride, Muse Durk Dehner Talks Tom of Finland’s Popular Resurgence

by Neil Vazquez
Meandering through West Hollywood’s crowded streets—filled with trendy boutiques, coffee shops, and upscale salons—it’s difficult to come across vestiges of the city’s queer roots. Long gentrified by high rents is a rich history ensconced in leather bars, tea rooms, sex shops, and the like. It’s a history that while obscured, is still vibrantly alive in the memory of Tom of Finland Foundation Co-founder, Durk Dehner. Since 1984, Dehner served as the official head of the organization meant to... [more]
Posted by Neil Vazquez on 6/7/16

I Was an e-Erotica Editor

by Lesley Dixon
Rape is taboo, says my boss. The heroine cannot be raped during the span of the novel, though having been raped previous to the events of the story is acceptable, as long as it is not described explicitly. I ask my boss if fingers count. I had a manuscript the other day in which the heroine had fingers inserted inside her without consent, and I am curious, do I tag this as rape, or no? There is a silence as my boss considers this. That would not need to be tagged, my boss decides. Rape is not... [more]
Posted by Lesley Dixon on 4/22/15