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Working (it) Out with Gillian Dykeman: Postcommodity

by Gillian Dykeman
Welcome to the ninth installation of the Artslant podcast series, . My name is Gillian Dykeman, and I'm a visual artist living in Toronto, Ontario. In Working (it) Out, I interview artists to ask about the role of audience in their practice. Each interview will begin with one question: "Does art require an audience?"    Working (it) Out with Gillian Dykeman Episode Nine | Postcommodity: Wide Eyes Reflection from the audience / implicating the audience/ social practice (3:32) Building... [more]
Posted by Gillian Dykeman on 9/18/15

The Best Non-Profit Art Spaces in New York

by Joe Bucciero
  “There are eight million stories in the Naked City”—and a decent chunk of them are think pieces about whether or not living (and for our purposes, making art) in New York is still a tenable enterprise. The older generation—the David Byrnes and Patti Smiths, the New York Times—keeps telling us that New York is dead, that we should move somewhere else: “the next Brooklyn,” perhaps, whether that means Detroit, northern New Jersey, or wherever. Despite these obituaries, however, artists keep... [more]
Posted by Joe Bucciero on 8/19/15

Portraying the Power of the Persona

by Eduardo Alexander Rabel
Photographer Dawoud Bey's impressive retrospective at MoCA surveys more than three decades of work created after his breakthrough project, Bey's bold images combine authenticity with aesthetics, grappling with the question of how photography can convey the "least untrue self." The seven distinct series on view represent the diversity within specific communities—especially African Americans and youth. As a Black artist, Bey has always been acutely aware of the need for images that present Black... [more]
Posted by Eduardo Alexander Rabel on 8/31/13

Mom's Drunk and Dad's Gone

by Montgomery Rene
With at least one opening on any given day in San Francisco, the new monthly exhibit is here, every second Wednesday of the month, with a humble, dimly lit bar take on the "Group Show" of the art scene. For this is a group show with all the makings of a craft day your mom used to set up with everyone your age (regardless of whether or not you knew them, or initally liked them). With a little more spice than mom allowed, in the form of a long bar and a quick, friendly bartender, the comfortable... [more]
Posted by Montgomery Rene on 3/16/09


by Montgomery Rene
Yes, yes, we are all pinching the penny, saving our dimes, and eating the same home cooked meal's leftovers for an entire week. Yes, times are economically sad. Does this mean we can't still find solace in our creative outlets? Art supplies can be rather expensive, true. But San Francisco has a great solution: SCRAP. A Mecca for all scrap materials a craft fiend would switch a stitch to find. SCRAP stands for Scroungers' Center for Reusable Art Parts, and it is literally a warehouse of scrap... [more]
Posted by Montgomery Rene on 3/16/09

Getting into Trouble

by Montgomery Rene
, located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco, America, is not merely a coffee company. Neither is it just your neighborhood cafe/gallery, there for you to show off your talents and look really neat drinking local, sustainable coffee in the foggy mornings of the Sunset. Trouble is hard to define, but I attempt with this: Trouble is an installation of humanity, and you are required to participate. Created with hands, minds and spirits far too complex for the written word to confine,... [more]
Posted by Montgomery Rene on 3/16/09
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