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Genuine Collecting at the Herbert Foundation

by Sam Steverlynck
Among Belgium’s many private collections, one of the most impressive is definitely Annick and Anton Herbert’s. Focused on minimal and conceptual art from 1968 to 1989, it is internationally respected and of a museum-like quality. Indeed, various institutions (Eindhoven’s Van Abbemuseum, Barcelona’s MACBA, Austria’s Kunsthaus Graz…) have already dedicated exhibitions to it. Since June 2013, the collection has also found a permanent dwelling in a former industrial building in Ghent, the city... [more]
Posted by Sam Steverlynck on 8/6/14

Bringing private passions into the public realm

by Edo Dijksterhuis
For the better part of their lives Henk de Heus and his wife Victoria de Heus-Zomer have worked to build up their business. The De Heus animal feed company has a hundred year history but it wasn’t until the last couple of decades that the family business from rural Barneveld boomed, becoming a world leader in animal nutrition, a multinational active in fifty countries. The de Heus-Zomer couple has invested a sizeable part of the resulting fortune in art. Since the late eighties they have... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 8/6/14

Portrait of the collector as a producer

by Sam Steverlynck
Much has been said about the so-called “Belgian collector.” For captains of industry and local dentists alike, collecting contemporary art almost seems to be part of the Belgian DNA—which explains why the country is reputed for having the highest concentration of art collectors per square kilometer. Yet, as more and more Parisian collectors make the move to Brussels, the Belgian collector is becoming increasingly French. In addition to Art Brussels’ , the strong presence of collectors in... [more]
Posted by Sam Steverlynck on 4/22/14

Homage to the fair’s most important asset

by Edo Dijksterhuis
It was in the mid-eighties that the organizers of Art Brussels approached Amsterdam’s KunstRAI—later known as Art Amsterdam—with a proposition to merge the two fairs. Both events were then only a few years old and scraping along in a slowly developing art market. The new event would take place alternatingly in the Dutch and the Belgian capital. The Northern party declined. In 2007 Art Cologne changed its date from fall to spring. The world’s oldest fair for modern and contemporary art was... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 4/21/14

The Sophomore Year: An Interview with Tony Karman, President and Director of EXPO Chicago

by Thomas Connors
Chicago’s rocky road in the art fair business isn’t such a distant memory. But if the second iteration of EXPO CHICAGO – running September 19-22 – proves as appealing as its debut last year, that history may be finally relegated to the category of old news. As exhibitors put the finishing touches to their booths on Navy Pier, the show’s President and Director, Tony Karman, offers a few thoughts on his state of the art. Tony Karman: First and foremost was forming a selection committee of... [more]
Posted by Thomas Connors on 9/17/13

Champagne and Cocktails with Young Collectors in the Hamptons.

by Max Nesterak
One of the biggest challenges young collectors face is figuring out what they like. It takes seeing a lot of art. Bringing dozens of galleries and hundreds of artists together from around the world to one spot, ArtHamptons is a good way to escape the city for the weekend and see what’s out on the art market. An open bar doesn’t hurt either. The Young Collectors Fete (by invitation only) offered an opportunity for young buyers to come together to watch a game of Polo over champagne and... [more]
Posted by Max Nesterak on 7/17/13

It’s a game and we’re playing it.

by Nicole Rodríguez Woods
Launched in the early Spring of 2011 the young Berlin-based auction house DeJoode & Kamutzki set out to lay a foundation for bourgeoning art collectors and play host to a series of younger emerging artists by striving to increase the accessibility of contemporary art on the whole. Less a “house” and more a nomadic performative purchasing experience, the founding duo artist/curator Rachel DeJoode and artist/auctioneer Maria Kamutzki branded themselves as abolishers of the idea of art as... [more]
Posted by Nicole Rodríguez Woods on 2/9/13

It’s All For a Good Cause Folks

by Maya Lujan
At the Santa Monica Museum of Art this last Saturday, the budget art bacchanal known as "Incognito" returned for its seventh year. The fundraiser is named such as the names of the artists are unknown until you pay your money (multiple packages available from tickets for lumpen lookie-loos up to five figures for the haute-bourgeois), the list of names front-ended as a teaser before the sale and consisting of over 500 prominent (and less prominent) artists.   Just by way of a random slice... [more]
Posted by Maya Lujan on 5/3/11
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