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ArtSlant Editions: Looking Back on the 2015 Issues of Our Inbox Magazine

by Andrea Alessi
Exhibition reviews and artist interviews have long been central to our editorial focus, but this year—in part as a reflection of how we see arts writing shifting in the digital age—we expanded the scope of ArtSlant's editorial project, exploring and introducing a much greater variety of content. In 2015 our Paris artists-in-residence blogged more than ever and we learned about art and audience in the ArtSlant podcast; we ran a popular series on non-profit art spaces and highlighted artists’... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 12/19/15

The Truth Behind the “Judith Beheading Holofernes” Pasta Sauce Label

by Natalie Hegert
A jar of pasta sauce recently came to our attention when it went viral, at least among guffawing art history majors on Facebook, who were compelled by the droves—likely due to our desperate desire for validation—to click on this blog post evocatively titled “Why This Company Desperately Needed to Hire an Art History Major.” Oh yes, we collectively clamored, here’s a circumstance when our expertise surely would have been of use. Speculation circulated as to the intent of the label, which... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 4/27/15

I Was an e-Erotica Editor

by Lesley Dixon
Rape is taboo, says my boss. The heroine cannot be raped during the span of the novel, though having been raped previous to the events of the story is acceptable, as long as it is not described explicitly. I ask my boss if fingers count. I had a manuscript the other day in which the heroine had fingers inserted inside her without consent, and I am curious, do I tag this as rape, or no? There is a silence as my boss considers this. That would not need to be tagged, my boss decides. Rape is not... [more]
Posted by Lesley Dixon on 4/22/15

Brand as Museum: Patronizing or Patronage?

by James Loks
The title of this piece made me wonder why the art world so much enjoys the conjunction "as." It seems a funny construct, one thing as another thing. It contains within it both the idea of transformation, and also deception, and fails to decide or state which side of the fence the utterance wants to come down on. There’s also a strange utility within the phrase, the using of one thing as another as though there were a lack or necessity for makeshift solutions.   "When you think about it,... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 4/20/15

The Talismanic Adventure of Nicholas Roerich

by Philly Malicka
"Culture is the accumulation of highest Bliss, highest Beauty, highest Knowledge."                         —Nicholas Roerich, , Book II, 1931   Three solid red circles, pyramid-set, and surrounded by the thick line of a red circle. The ancient symbol of the Pax Cultura represents the interconnectivity of Art, Science, and Religion—the protection of which formed the basis of the Roerich Pact, signed in 1935, which agrees that "historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and... [more]
Posted by Philly Malicka on 4/17/15

Brand America

by Philippa Snow
In March, announced that both Jeff Koons and Cindy Sherman would be creating new series of work for placement in various international American Embassies; in corporate terms, this is like being asked to make a contribution to the décor of the global headquarters of Brand America, and the announcement is of note to me personally because a) I genuinely enjoy the work of Cindy Sherman, b) I enjoy the aesthetics of Brand America from a largely kitsch perspective, and c) I am now committed to... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 4/17/15

The World's Best-Branded Contemporary Artists

by Nadja Sayej
eading up to our "Brand" themed second issue of Editions, our new inbox magazine—which will be sent to ArtSlant subscribers this Thursday. Here, Nadja Sayej considers the world's best-branded artists. In a recent essay published by Berlin-based artist Constant Dullaart, the artist who shelled out 2.5 million free Instagram followers to art world accounts writes, “Audience is a commodity.” He continues: “Building a signature presence where the branding of the artist’s name is more important... [more]
Posted by Nadja Sayej on 4/17/15

Is "Selling Out" Still Relevant in a Post-Digital World?

by Paul Hanford
eading up to our "Brand" themed second issue of Editions, our new inbox magazine—which will be sent to ArtSlant subscribers this Thursday. Today, Paul Hanford asks whether selling out is outdated. Selling out. To some, it appears as a pious and fiery Martin Luther-style preacher, spitting out commandments into the bohemian mind, who, while scraping together enough bronze to buy milk and cigarettes, is comforted by the fact that although they may be starving, at least they haven’t sold out. For... [more]
Posted by Paul Hanford on 4/17/15
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