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Artist Profile: Andrew Norman Wilson Therapizes the Corporate World

by Ionit Behar
It was once common to assume that artists avoid participating in the corporate world—presuming that the art world is separated from the rest, with utopian and improbable ideals. However, the dividing line between an artist and a businessperson has never been that clear, and it's only becoming more complicated. Creativity used to be seen as something unique to artists and designers, but recently­­—with the “new economy” and a restructured labor market—creativity is considered necessary, an... [more]
Posted by Ionit Behar on 4/14/15

An Artist Residency Brings Art and Life Together in a Beijing Apartment Complex

by Madeline Eschenburg
On Tuesday, December 2, Beijing-based artists Song Xi (宋兮) and Yang Xinjia (杨欣嘉) received notice that their apartment complex, Dongxindian, in Cuigezhuang village, would soon be demolished, following an edict issued in December 2013 that declared the government would initiate extensive investigations into Beijing’s many overcrowded, often illegally-populated and dilapidated apartment complexes. These complexes are generally inhabited by a large migrant population, in apartments divided into... [more]
Posted by Madeline Eschenburg on 12/18/14