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Hong Kong Goes Baselistic

by Sophia Powers
Can going global make a razzle-dazzle art fair more local? We are set to see with this year's upcoming Hong Kong Art Fair, kicking off May 17th. Just a little over a year ago, the MCH Group, the owners of Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach, purchased a 60% stake in the company that runs the Hong Kong fair, giving them a formidable monopoly over the global art fair circuit. Will this takeover lead to the McDonalds-ization of the circuit? Perhaps just the opposite. As Art Basel co-director... [more]
Posted by Sophia Powers on 5/15/12

Frieze: The Enchanted Isle of Art?

by Lori Zimmer
Frieze is entering their first foray into the world of the New York art fair with a splash…a splash that lasts about 20 minutes and comes in the form of their very own fair ferry. Bucking the trend of setting up shop at an armory or around the piers along the perimeter of Manhattan, Frieze New York will be its own destination, creating an immersive experience on its very own island--Randall’s Island. Drawing collectors to the windy waterfront of the West Side Highway is a feat in the chilly... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 5/1/12

Looking East: Berlin-based artist picks for Art Brussels 2012

by Nicole Rodríguez Woods
Art fairs — the feeding frenzy of the art world. We go to stare and be stared at, but mostly to find out who is “stare-worthy”. Fairs remind us that we are in the business known as art and that the booths next to us are curiously keeping tabs on our traffic flow and sales (we know you’re peeking!). For Art Brussels 2012, the Belgian fair is turning thirty and with this milestone comes a change in direction. Always a forward thinker — paying particularly close attention to emerging... [more]
Posted by Nicole Rodríguez Woods on 4/17/12

Fast Pulse

by Eduardo Alexander Rabel
PULSE Miami The Ice Palace Studios1400 North Miami AvenueMiami, Florida 33136December 1-4, 2011     Dan Gioia, Sphere, 2011, Conner Contemporary Art            Ewerdt Hilgemann, Irregular Columns (California Trees), 2010, imploded stainless steel, courtesy of Samuel Freeman Mac Premo, The Dumpster Project, 2011, mixed-media assemblage in 30-yard dumpster, courtesy of Pavel Zoubok Gallery Jim Campbell, Exploded View, 2011, 1152 LEDs and custom electronics, courtesy of Elizabeth Stevens... [more]
Posted by Eduardo Alexander Rabel on 12/13/11

Gallery Picks at Art Berlin Contemporary

by Mara Goldwyn
Atypically for an art fair, Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) selects works from participating galleries and organizes them as a curated exhibit. This year's theme is “About Painting.” Key word here: “about.” While paintings themselves are sure to play a role, many works will be rather meditations—or critical commentary—on painting by artists that normally work in other media. Some Berlin galleries to consider at Art Berlin Contemporary: (Image: Katharina Marszewski, , 2011, Mixed media.... [more]
Posted by Mara Goldwyn on 9/4/11

Gallery Reviews at Art Brussels

                PREVIEW FROM AMSTERDAM by Andrea Alessi A number of Amsterdam galleries are packing up their wares and cheerfully heading off to visit their lowland neighbors this month. Many Dutch galleries have developed close relationships with Belgian collectors and art spaces – so Art Brussels, as described by one Amsterdam gallerist, “feels a bit like home.” Seven Dutch galleries are participating this year, comprising selected first-timers or “First Call” exhibitors, “Young... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/27/11

Art Brussels Previews

ART BRUSSELS 2011       Tick, Tock. Brussels Week with the ArtSlant Team The question at the art fairs is always: To float or to swim?  Should I power upstream kicking and pulling, straining for that peak moment? Or do I passively drift on the river watching the tangerine trees and marmalade skies as they go by? It’s a question of style, circumstance and energy. But a good plan, whether followed or not, is a good start to any fair experience. So get your Brueghels on and let's do some... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/27/11

MDW 2011

by Abraham Ritchie
This weekend was the inaugural run for the newborn MDW Fair, an extension of the ongoing Version Fest, now in its 11th year. This week on ArtSlant, Steve Ruiz has the details on the genesis of the fair itself and its lineage, so I am going to put that information to one side to concentrate on the galleries, collectives and artwork that were all present at MDW. Named after the airport letters of nearby Midway Airport, the MDW Fair, pronounced “midway,”  indicates the divergent paths that an art... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 4/25/11

MDW: Artist-Run Culture Spree

by Steve Ruiz
After only a few months of preparation, last weekend saw the idea of the MDW Fair come to pass: an excellent art fair, full of flaws and promise. MDW is the brainchild of Edward Marszewski, Director and Executive Curator of the Public Media Institute (PMI), and Aron Gent, artist and PMI Exhibition Associate, two individuals best known for their longtime collaboration within the alternative culture network headquartered at Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere. The list of the various productions... [more]
Posted by Steve Ruiz on 4/25/11

Sherman’s March to Zona Maco, Part 2

by Jared Elms
In Sherman’s March, Ross McElwee makes the difficult decision to leave Charlotte, North Carolina when he could just as easily have stayed at his parents’ house and filmed his sister and felt things out with Claudia, instead leaving to retrace Sherman’s route of devastation throughout the South. Admittedly sheepish about my recent strikeout—I take McElwee´s cue and rechart my course to survey the fair and get back to my intended purpose of seeing some really remarkable art. Oh look, a Jeff Wall.... [more]
Posted by Jared Elms on 4/18/11
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