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As Authentication, Currency, and Inspiration, Bitcoin Finds a Growing Share in the Art Market

by Edo Dijksterhuis
It took a crisis to spark off the next revolution in technology. In 2009, a year after Lehman Brothers’ disastrous crash and its subsequent domino effect on the rest of the financial sector, the Bitcoin was launched. The concept of cryptocurrency, cashless and operating in a peer-to-peer network, had been around for some ten years but until the dawn of the New Great Depression no one had felt the need to explore it in depth. Its stability—the conversion rate has been hovering around $382 per... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 4/20/16

Knock-Off Art and Tales of Artistic Production in Advanced Capitalism

by Joel Kuennen
I was recently at an art fair where one gallery—that shall remain nameless—presented the work of a young artist in a solo booth. The work, while distinct in some ways, was at the very least derivative of Anish Kapoor’s wall mounted discs. Enameled aluminum panels in sweeping gradients, they were perfectly suited to the market of the fair: take it home, put it on a wall. They were robust, large works that shouted “wealth.” Sold for $800-$2000 apiece. By the third day of the fair, the gallery was... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 8/27/15

Why Crowdfunding Is the Most Art Basel Can Do in Terms of Social Responsibility

by Edo Dijksterhuis
When you walk onto Basel’s Messeplatz this week you can’t miss it: the temporary Gesamtkunstwerk with the rhetorical title . It consists of a bamboo structure designed by architects Nicholaus Hirsch and Michel Müller. Inside, chef Antto Melasniemi manages his personally designed solar kitchen, working with locally grown spices and herbs. Besides unusual fusion snacks such as fish ice cream and "bastard pad Thai," invented by Melasniemi and artist Rirkrit Tiravanija, the menu contains... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 6/18/15

Art Fairs Aren't Evil, They're Just Boring (Most of the Time)

by Art Vidrine
Art fairs are evil—or so I’ve heard. They are not the devil incarnate come to steal your children, per se, just the dollar incarnate come to swallow your art. The criticism usually goes something like this: capitalism corrupts art by turning it into a common commodity and (more importantly) depriving it of its critical capacity as a consequence. Because if you are part of a system, you cannot objectively critique or reject that system. You become complicit by default.   Can you believe such... [more]
Posted by Art Vidrine on 5/11/15

Darlings: A New Cult of Youth in Art

by Stephanie Cristello
The art world darling. The term’s ties to youth are not surprising, ever more now that youth in the art market doubles as a texture, a feature of desirability—a quality that is not necessarily bound to age, but to attitude. The cult of youth has held strong since the Victorians, and its associations with affection still stand. While the term (dear-ling) and its tender definitions may not have evolved over the past few centuries, the idiomatic media darling—the darling that belongs to the... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 4/22/15

Vernissage Report: Independent 2015

by Tara Plath
Malfunctioning subways, icy roads, and slushy sidewalks did little to deter fair-goers from attending Independent’s Vernissage last night. It is year six for Independent, an art fair that continues to provide a refreshing alternative to the heavy-handedness of its behemoth counterparts on the piers. An open floor plan directs traffic in a meandering fashion, contrary to the congested roadways of gridded booths across town at Armory. This wandering through and around works not only creates a... [more]
Posted by Tara Plath on 3/6/15

Villa Toronto: This Is Not an Art Fair!

by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
“Why are there so many people here?” “It’s for the Raptors game.” Ragnar Kjartansson, S.S. Hangover, 2013, Music by Kjartan Sveinsson; Courtesy of the artist and i8 Gallery, Reykjavik and Luhring Augustine, New York   This is a conversation I overheard between two hurried commuters while attending opening night for the event Villa Toronto a couple of evenings ago. Organized by Warsaw’s Raster Gallery and presented in association with Toronto’s Art Metropole and other local art... [more]
Posted by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska on 1/19/15

LA Continues Growth as an Art Fair Destination in 2015

by Antonia Ward
Art Los Angeles Contemporary. In anticipation of this gala start to the year, ArtSlant takes a brief look at these keystones of the LA art scene.   This year the LA Art Show celebrates its 20th anniversary. The growth of the event is testament both to its popularity and to the wider, most remarkable progression of the Los Angeles art market. Launched in 1994 as an admittedly “small regional event featuring 14 galleries,” the fair now presents over 22,000 artworks from more than 120 galleries... [more]
Posted by Antonia Ward on 1/15/15

The Top 10 Crimes Against Art in 2014

by Rob Goyanes
As another calendar year closes in the long haul of human history, we should look back not only on the triumphs of creative spirit and community—it’s important, also, to contemplate those acts of cultural ignorance, reprisal, and outright sadism. And rather than those willful, constructive critiques of entrenched inequality and statuses quo, this list is meant to showcase the asinine and mostly unnecessary impulses to appropriate, purloin, deface, and destroy—actions that did little to change... [more]
Posted by Rob Goyanes on 12/29/14

Lost Art: Does the Market Make Art Disappear?

by Andrea Zlotowitz
The business of buying and selling art is one that the art world knows all too well. From reading about the latest Warhol sold at auction to following commercial gallery sales, we’re constantly reminded of art’s shift from object of visual and aesthetic pleasure to commodity item. As artworks are removed from their original creative and expressive origins, they can become lost—both literally and figuratively—in the commodification process. Often an artwork's provenance, catalogued by galleries... [more]
Posted by Andrea Zlotowitz on 12/22/14
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