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Brian Sewell: The Art of Pissing People Off, and Not Giving a Damn

by James Loks
Words like controversial and outspoken are the first ones you meet in conjunction with Brian Sewell. Dig a little deeper and you come across other words, words like scurrilous, bitchy, contemptuous, acerbic, disdainful, and just plain rude. For those who don’t know, he was also perhaps Britain’s most popular art critic, and he passed away last week, aged 84. I disliked Sewell’s writing for a number of reasons, that represent everything I dislike about art critics in general: he was... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 9/22/15

The Changing Treasons: It's Time for New York's Leading Critics to Surrender Their Crowns

It is an astonishing peculiarity that in New York there is just one newspaper setting the tone of cultural opinion: . There are others, of course, but they haven’t a fraction of its influence. There is no audible counter-argument. Conversations on the street rarely begin, “Did you see that thing in the New York Observer?” Even national papers such as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today are unable to penetrate the shield that the New York Times has formed over the city, despite those papers... [more]
Posted by DARREN JONES on 4/17/15

The Misanthropic Art Writer's New Year's Resolutions

by Philippa Snow
The New Year: you feel fattened, you have to go back to work, everything you've just bought is now half the price of what you paid for it, it's cold and bleak. It's also the most depressing time of the year. But fear not: the affliction of New Year's resolutions still prevails over us all, ensuring that we will feel even worse in two weeks when we fail to see any of them through. Our resident misanthrope Philippa Snow sets herself some imminently doomed challenges for 2015.    1. I will not... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 12/31/14

Why We All Want to Punch Art

by Philippa Snow
“I really understand wanting to punch art,” I wrote back to my Editor after being asked my opinion on the Andrew Shannon Monet-punching story. “I think about it almost daily.” And I do. Personally-speaking, I can think of several incidents during which I have fantasized about punching an artwork in the last five years alone: at the height of "First Thursdays" mania in East London three or four years ago, for instance, I attended a "hip" show by an artist whose work was assembled from raw... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 12/19/14
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