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The Media Man Around Town (and the World): Li Zhenhua and Art Basel Hong Kong’s Film Sector

by Katherine Grube
Li Zhenhua began our conversation with a gentle correction: he had three exhibitions opening in one month, not three exhibitions opening over as many months. I was reminded of these words as Li’s disembodied voice greeted me at Chronus Art Center in Shanghai last week during the opening of a satellite exhibition for “Pandamonium: Media Art from Shanghai,” an exhibition co-curated with David Elliott in Berlin. Unable to attend the show’s simultaneous openings in Berlin and Shanghai, Li... [more]
Posted by Katherine Grube on 5/15/14

Sheer Size and Ambition: Art Basel | Hong Kong's 17 Grand Installation "Encounters"

by Graham Webster
Visitors to Art Basel in Hong Kong will be treated to a collection of seventeen large-scale installation works, mostly by East Asian artists, each handled by a different gallery. Ten of the seventeen artists selected by Yuko Hasegawa, chief curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, come from Greater China and six from the Mainland alone. Hasegawa also curated this "Encounters" sector in last year's inaugural edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, but she has selected an entirely different... [more]
Posted by Graham Webster on 5/13/14

Raising a Glass to Apocalypse Postponed: An Interview with Nadim Abbas

by Katherine Grube
Hong Kong-based artist Nadim Abbas has long created environments that explore the patterned and structural features of space. At ARTHK11 in 2011, Abbas created Marine Lover: A Hermatypic Romance, an intricate installation of wall-mounted white polyresin coral casts and backlights extending the length of a narrow corridor. Abbas returns to the Hong Kong fair in a scaled up and out manner with a commission for the nearly 300 square meter Absolut Art Bar. Apocalypse Postponed fuses Abbas’... [more]
Posted by Katherine Grube on 5/11/14

Art Basel | Hong Kong: User’s Guide

by Peter Augustus
Following a successful launch last year, Hong Kong’s edition of Art Basel is back with a larger schedule of events and even more art than one can see in a week. This year boasts more than 3,000 works of art from over 200 galleries. Although a welcomed spotlight, Hong Kong was never lacking in the international art show circuit, or arts for that matter—we currently have several a year and even two fairs that proudly share the weekend with Basel (read on to find out who). While Basel has... [more]
Posted by Peter Augustus on 5/10/14

Immaterial Art Basel

by Robin Peckham
The art fair in Hong Kong, now falling under the Art Basel umbrella, has succeeded for a number of reasons, perhaps chief among them the transparent market infrastructure of the city and the reputation for pragmatic mercantilism it has accumulated as a British entrepot. But as much as the rule of law has encouraged an internationally viable market structure, it has also made Hong Kong a rare hub for scholarship, particularly of the Anglophone variety, for much of Asia. Long before the launch of... [more]
Posted by Robin Peckham on 5/21/13