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Cattelan Commands Italians to Shit and Die: A First Look

by Federico Florian
This past Wednesday evening, the arty crowd in Turin paid no heed to Maurizio Cattelan’s “exhortation.” Considering the line outside Palazzo Cavour, Cattelan's command, —the title of the most eagerly-awaited event of this year’s edition of Artissima—has not been taken literally by anyone. Rather than warily getting out of the way, shitting, or dying, a throng of curators, artists, critics, and collectors—myself included—couldn't wait to invade the rooms of the 18th century building. This group... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 11/7/14

Autumn in Torino

by Andrew Berardini
Long-necked blue cranes lurch over ancient churches filled with forged relics. Stiffly clothed bourgeois stroll under weeping Chinese maples, leaves burned and creamed, and past high-booted prostitutes shivering in the autumn chill. A woman in a distant window waves to an unseen lover. The symphony of umbrellas opening as travelers step out from the underground. Click, whoosh, click, whoosh, click-click, whoosh. Torino is my favorite autumn city. The wide regal streets ringing with trolleys,... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 11/6/13

Wandering through Turin’s porticoes: the ONE TORINO project

by Federico Florian
With a royal ordinance, in the XIX century the king Victor Emmanuel I of Sardinia commanded that Turin's roofs be covered with the vast porches that still run along the beautiful Via Po. The reason for the decree was to offer shelter from the rain to the monarch and his entourage during their route from the Royal Palace to the Church of Grande Madre di Dio. Turin is the city with the largest porticoed area in Europe – here, the porches join together the most representative buildings in town,... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 11/6/13

On occultism and race tracks: Artissima

by Federico Florian
Turin rises up along a natural handle, the point where two rivers – the Po and the Stura – join together. The town seems to find its refuge there, and grows to the South multiplying its reticulum of streets and blocks. It resembles a reserved beautiful lady, adorned with yellow autumn leaves and magnificent stone facades – she softly reclines on the Piedmontese hills and looks towards the Alps, whose embrace protects her from the Northern winds. Turin, especially in autumn, is so charming and... [more]
Posted by Federico Florian on 11/5/13

Artissima 20: Experimentation and Expansion

by Alicia Reuter
Turin is gearing up for the 20th Artissima, and judging by the enthusiastic tone of the press releases, directors anticipate strong sales and record visitor numbers. The ambitious fair was recently named one of the world’s best by New York-based Skate’s Art Market Research, ahead of vaunted names such as Frieze and Art Basel Miami Beach. This accolade isn’t undeserved; Artissima’s distinction lies in its enthusiastic experimentation, even if returning director Sarah Cosulich Canarutto is... [more]
Posted by Alicia Reuter on 11/5/13