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[VIDEO] Alexander Calder: Avant-Garde in Motion. K20 Grabbeplatz, Düsseldorf

by Vernissage TV
The exhibition at K20 Grabbeplatz – Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf (Germany) is dedicated to Alexander Calder’s work of the 1930s and 1940s. The exhibition begins with the time when Calder began to translate abstract forms into motion. The show aims to show how Calder was part of the art scene in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s and how he was influenced by the constructivists and the surrealists, and how he influenced them. This video provides you with a walkthrough of the... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 9/12/13


by Andrea Alessi
First, a note on scale: In archival photos of Egyptian ruins and monuments, there’s generally a little dude and/or camel in there functioning as a yardstick. Like these little dudes and/or camels, my partner appears in a lot of my photos of art for scale. Recently he came in handy at Katharina Grosse’s show at De Pont, and again in the Louvre’s hall of large-format paintings (David’s , for example, measures twenty by thirty-two feet). But never has a painting so dwarfed my agreeable model as in... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 7/17/13

[VIDEO] Interview with Anish Kapoor

by Vernissage TV
is the first comprehensive exhibition of Anish Kapoor in Berlin. The Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor is known for his spectacular sculptures and installations, such as the Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, Chicago. For his exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau he uses the whole ground floor of the building, including the atrium. In this video, Anish Kapoor talks about the concept of the show and specific works, such as the huge kinetic installation in the atrium of the Martin-Gropius-Bau.... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 5/24/13

[VIDEO] Alexander Calder at Fondation Beyeler, Art Basel Miami Beach 2012

by Vernissage TV
At Art Basel Miami Beach 2012, Fondation Beyeler presented two major works by Alexander Calder, (1948) and Untitled (c. 1939). In this video, the president of the Calder Foundation, Alexander S.C. Rower, talks about the two exceptional mobiles, revealing some exciting background knowledge on the works. Alexander Calder’s hanging mobile Snow Flurry is one of his most popular works. The delicate white kinetic sculpture is reminiscent of snowflakes. It comes from the artist’s own collection... [more]
Posted by Vernissage TV on 12/16/12

Paulo Nenflidio at Art Statements

by Mara Goldwyn
Objects of impossible weight, like airplanes, are able to fly through the use of motion. A “kinetic sculpture” by the Brazilian artist Paulo Nenflidio, manages to bring a whale aloft in the air, much like it occupies the water. Made entirely of brass welded with tin, through the magic of technology, an object of impossible weight again floats. According to the artist, “the caudal and pectoral fins [of the whale] resemble wings of an aircraft. The whole work resembles an aerial or underwater... [more]
Posted by Mara Goldwyn on 6/20/11

How to LiVe

by E-Slant Team
      Interview between Lionel Estève and Denis Gielen (extract) – Lionel Estève: How to Lie, is like a proposal to learn something. I like those methods: how to stop smoking, etc. Everyone knows how to lie, so there are both imaginary and real parts in it that correspond to my work. – Denis Gielen: The objects that you create from your imagination join other, scientific imaginations: models of atoms or botanical typologies like pistils. – LE: I see my works as mental, and I hope they... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 5/4/09
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