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Fighting ISIL Iconoclasm with Art and 3D Printers

by Danna Lorch
Palmyra, Nimrud, Khorsabad, Bosra, and Jonah’s Tomb are just a noted few of many ancient sites that have been decimated by ISIL bulldozers, sledgehammers, bombs, and looters recently. It is clear that the group has calculated plans to culturally cleanse the Arab world of history that doesn’t reinforce its narrow interpretation of Islam, thereby removing all memory of the Assyrian, Mesopotamian, and Akkadian civilizations as well as any legacy of peaceful pluralism. In February, the United... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 10/1/15

Athar Jaber's Defaced Sculptures Speak to Violence, Entropy, and Human Nature

by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska
is an exhibition at the Palazzo Medici Riccardi, in Florence, presenting 19 works by the young Iraqi-Italian sculptor Athar Jaber. Several members of the international art community opened the exhibition with a series of talks and discussions on "Poly-cultural Identities," examining topics related to the blurring of national narratives and cultural boundaries. Both the exhibition and the debates spoke to the ideological nature national identity, opening onto themes that coincide with a number... [more]
Posted by Yoli (Yoanna) Terziyska on 7/13/15

The Top 10 Crimes Against Art in 2014

by Rob Goyanes
As another calendar year closes in the long haul of human history, we should look back not only on the triumphs of creative spirit and community—it’s important, also, to contemplate those acts of cultural ignorance, reprisal, and outright sadism. And rather than those willful, constructive critiques of entrenched inequality and statuses quo, this list is meant to showcase the asinine and mostly unnecessary impulses to appropriate, purloin, deface, and destroy—actions that did little to change... [more]
Posted by Rob Goyanes on 12/29/14

The Black Mirror: ISIS, Branding, and the Western Imagination

by Omer Raz
The terrorist group ISIS, the proclaimed Islamic State, has done an overwhelming amount of work to inject images—and fears—into the minds of the West. Their professional use of modern language, entertainment industry tropes, and technology blends with medieval horrors to generate what could be considered the most successful PR campaign of the year. Its success reflects an age of instant shared information and the extremes of visual branding. That a reactionary organization with anti-modern... [more]
Posted by Omer Raz on 11/9/14
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