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Distorted Personhood: Sabato Visconti’s DACALOGUE

by Joel Kuennen
Other ArtSlant Prize IX catalogue essays: David Rios Ferreira & Katya Grokhovsky   Although the law is perhaps the discourse that most literally governs citizenship, U.S. national culture—the collectively forged images, histories, and narratives that place, displace, and replace individuals in relation to the national polity—powerfully shapes who the citizenry is, where they dwell, what they remember, and what they forget. —Lisa Lowe, Immigrant Acts In 1986, Sabato Visconti... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 3/5

Wednesday Web Artist of the Week: Daniel Temkin

by Christian Petersen
Daniel Temkin is currently showing new work from his series at NADA with the new media powerhouse, Transfer Gallery. Although Glitchometry could be described using the fashionable phrase “glitch art,” it bears little resemblance to what we have come to associate with that genre. Temkin’s talents in programming have given him ability to create his own unique systems for manipulating imagery through code. Although the technical aspects of Glitchometry’s creation are deeply fascinating, they... [more]
Posted by Christian Petersen on 5/4/16

The Latham Loop: Maintaining a Clean and Healthy Image for 120 Years

by Guy Parker
Never forget the loop The first time I encountered the loop was whilst using a Chinon Super 8 projector manufactured in the late 70s. Within seconds of my roll of Kodachrome entering the “auto-loading” machine the projected image began to jitter and convulse. After several further attempts the film buckled, broke, and bunched up in the gate where it was toasted by the searing hot halogen lamp. The instruction booklet explained that although the film lacing process was totally automated, the... [more]
Posted by Guy Parker on 11/19/15