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Frieze Week 2016: Your Guide to the New York Fairs

by The Artslant Team
Frieze Week in New York isn’t holding any punches this year. Upping its game from eight to eleven (plus) fairs, the week will have you zigzagging up Manhattan and beyond—from Brooklyn to the LES, Wall Street to the Hudson Piers, Park Avenue to Harlem. And when you think you’ve had enough, don’t forget to save half your day and all your lunch money to get over to Randall’s Island Park for the main event. To keep you zigging and zagging in the right direction, we present our annual guide to the... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 5/2/16

"The Other Side of the Fair": In Conversation with Samara Golden

by Christina Catherine Martinez
Samara Golden draws you in and shuts you out. Sewing, stuffing, and cutting materials of personal industriousness—fabrics, pantyhose, found thriftwares, cosmetology heads—the props in her motley sets splay out against all manner of reflective surfaces, situating some version of you inside her bendy armatures of time, place, and movie-inflected memory. M.C. Escher meets , the campy slickness melting into your own face as seen in a broken mirror, a slab of reflective polystyrene, or live video... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 5/12/15

Frieze Art Week 2014 Schedule

by ArtSlant Team
      Frieze: Kazuyuki Takezaki, 83, 2014, Wooden panel, wood, fabric, oil, colored pencil, crayon, rope, clamp, 37 4/5 x 51 7/10 inches; Courtesy of the artist and Misako & Rosen, Tokyo   Frieze Art Fair Randall’s Island Park  May 9th - May 12th  One Day $43   Almost two hundred top tier galleries gather under a tent on Randall’s Island for a big top experience that matches some of the city’s best eats with some of the art world’s most prized... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/6/14

Friezer Burn: Frieze, Artexpo, and the paradox of taste

Depending on one’s relationship to art fairs such as Frieze, the social and professional rituals associated with attending them can cause fevered excitement, or make the blood run, well, cold. Visit often enough and those galleries and artists that have been admitted to this carefully guarded system reveal the political hierarchies of this particular art world. While each fair has its own approach, thousands of works, and new artists each year, the perennial experience can be one of creeping... [more]
Posted by DARREN JONES on 5/6/14

Giving FOOD its due: “FOOD 1971/2013”

by Matthew Shen Goodman
This year’s Frieze New York fair sees the Projects portion of its programming celebrating FOOD, the historic restaurant-artwork hybrid most associated with artist Gordon Matta-Clark. While the Projects’ inaugural theme was turning Randall’s Island into a “fantasy world,” according to curator Cecilia Alemani, its second year focuses on “basic actions such as eating, drinking, speaking and praying… [engaging] the ritualistic dimension of the fair and the unique landscape of the island.” FOOD fits... [more]
Posted by Matthew Shen Goodman on 5/9/13

The Audience, Remixed: Haroon Mirza at Frieze Sounds

by Ryan Wong
Haroon Mirza has made his reputation as an artist of the remix. He structures the unglamorous beeps and buzzes of antiquated audio technology into beats and melodies. But he also appreciates those machines for their sculptural qualities, synchronizing their sounds with lights and moving pieces – as if Kraftwerk were building a Rube Goldberg machine. Part music, part sculpture, part architectural intervention, Mirza remixes not just sounds but the spaces they inhabit. For his Frieze Sounds... [more]
Posted by Ryan Wong on 5/8/13

Frieze New York: Literature and Art Fairs

by James Loks
The art fair as cultural event is pretty well established now. It makes sense to use the pretext of the weird art supermarket that forms the body of the fair as an excuse for a wider programme; it adds interest and tempers the slightly distasteful frenzy that makes it so difficult to actually see the art everyone's here for. As part of this year's Frieze New York we have the opportunity to attend a reading and Q&A session with Lydia Davis. For those of you who aren't familiar with her, as... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 5/7/13