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Basel Statements: Mathieu K. Abonnenc Explores the French West Indies' Colonial Past

by Nadja Sayej
Mathieu K. Abonnenc has a complicated relationship with his past. For his solo presentation in the Statements section of Art Basel, which kicks off this week, Abonnenc, an artist born in French Guiana who now lives in Paris, digs into the history and effects of colonialism and its representations within society. You might have seen Abonnenc's work in the Belgian Pavilion as part of Vincent Meessen’s project at the Venice Biennale. His most recent works, such as  (2015) or Forever, Without... [more]
Posted by Nadja Sayej on 6/15/15

Botanical Arts: a Heritage of Naturalist Imperialism

by Laurie Rojas
Colombian artists have shown a fascination with nature over the last two decades. Many of these artists apply pseudo-scientific methods and tools to address issues of the relationship between humanity and nature. This interest is so prevalent in Colombian art that José Roca, one of Colombia’s most respected curators, opened up FLORA ars+natura, a space dedicated to the relationship between art and nature in Bogotá in 2012. These artists exercise a vast array of approaches: from drawing, video,... [more]
Posted by Laurie Rojas on 2/26/15

The Future That Was

by D. Dominick Lombardi
Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s installation at Tyler Rollins Gallery has the look and feel of a group show. This Filipino artist allows the various materials that comprise her artwork to guide her forms and intentions. Despite the unpredictability, Eustaquio manages to give us just enough of a narrative to create a comfort zone for visitors. The exhibition’s title, , is a reincarnation of an exhibition that first hit the public arena at the Jorge B. Vargas Museum in Quezon City, Metro Manila, in... [more]
Posted by D. Dominick Lombardi on 10/15/13