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A Surfeit of Space: the Francis J Greenburger Collection

by Natalie Hegert
There are many different types of art collectors: there are those who buy as investments and populate the halls of Christie’s and Sotheby’s; those who buy art to match their furniture; those who vicariously live through the artists whose works they collect; those who collect privately yet loan profusely; those whose collections are known worldwide and housed in their own foundations; and many others. The Francis J Greenburger Collection (the FJGC) reflects over thirty years of serious... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 8/13/13

The Post Family's Personal Collection

by Steve Ruiz
When you do as much as the Post Family does, the ephemera is bound to pile up. In the latest exhibition at Pilsen’s Chicago Urban Art Society, directors Peter Kepha and Lauren M. Pacheco invited the seven-man design collective to pillage drawers, closets, flat files, glove compartments, closets, desks, and shoeboxes for an exhibition of personal collections. Though not surprising for a show built by professional designers, “Collections” is a remarkably well-put together show. The presentation... [more]
Posted by Steve Ruiz on 7/18/11