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In Pictures: Rio's Baile Funk Culture

by Char Jansen
Baile Funk and Rio De Janeiro are inseperable kin; the unmistakable bassline sounds thump over the hillside favelas of the city, most of which have been pacified as part of a governmental iniative that began in 2008. From Rocinha to Cantagalo each Baile has its own particular flavor, an intense mix of sex, rhythm and hedonism. It's not just the unmistakable "Um Cha Cha Um Cha" that is an intergral part of Rio, but its ambience and aesthetics, that epitomize in many ways the Brazilian... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 11/9/14

An Art Fair in São Paulo: Should art fairs become socially responsible?

by Char Jansen
My memories of São Paulo are of an astoundingly big, vertical metropolis – it’s not a city, it’s a concrete universe – suffocated with traffic, human and vehicular. Traversing this post-apocalyptic urban desert from the expensive neighborhood of Jardins (fancy brunches, a boutique for Havaianas, and a concentration of pristine, architect-designed galleries) to Republica, I was confronted with a catastrophic scene: a community stricken by extreme poverty, crime, and drug addiction. As an... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 4/1/14

More Than Art at São Paulo International Art Fair

by Georgia Phillips-Amos
It may be reductive, but whenever I look at the Brazilian art world I am really looking for the hidden invitation to do more than just look. Participation, community, and dialogue have been endemic to artistic practice in Brazil throughout the last century. The country has a rich national history of artists teasing out uncomfortable social conflicts and shifting the role of art in society.  Since 1928, when Oswaldo de Andrade wrote , Brazilian artists and thinkers have been unpacking the... [more]
Posted by Georgia Phillips-Amos on 4/1/14

Looking to Brazil

by Charlie Schultz
The way the gallerist Lourdina Jean Rabieh describes it the Brazilian art world is heating up. Because the art market and the greater economy are interlinked, the number of galleries and museums taking root in major cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro has grown significantly as the economy has flourished. There may not be an art district, like Chelsea in New York, but there are well over one hundred galleries in São Paulo, Rabieh muses, before offering the boom in contemporary Chinese... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/6/13

Emerging and Alternative Spaces: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

by Char Jansen
Brazil is mind-bendingly big. It has a population of around 200 million, with a landmass of over 8,500,000 square kilometres. Which makes writing about its art scene naturally reductive. Gulp. What I’ll try to do then, is narrate some of the interesting things I did discover visiting two of Brazil’s most prominent international cities, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Clearing my head of kashasa, and getting over the size of the country (I am from the British Isles, which could fit into the coin... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 10/10/12