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Art Dubai Modern Turns the Tables on Gender Stereotyping in the Middle East

by Danna Lorch
“Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. Museum?” The Guerrilla Girls have famously been asking the same question since 1989, when the feminist group first pointed out that “Less than 5% of the modern art section [at the museum] are women.” That was in New York, but does the same hold true for the representation and visibility of modern women artists in non-western regions? While the West is quick to slap a “suppressed” sticker on Middle Eastern women as a group, fixating on veiling as... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 3/16/16

Metro Manila Meets Dubai: Curator Ringo Bunoan Talks Art Dubai's Philippines Focus

by Danna Lorch
This week Art Dubai will be the first international fair to give contemporary art from the Philippines pride of place, as Ringo Bunoan (an artist, writer, researcher, and curator) curates Marker, the fair’s annual geographically-focused presentation. Under Bunoan’s direction Marker’s 100-square-meter area will concentrate on four artist-run spaces in metro Manila: 98-B, Post Gallery, Project 20, and Thousandfold. Installations by the late Roberto Chabet, widely recognized as the Philippine’s... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 3/16/16

RCA Secret Dubai Democratizes Art Dubai by Keeping Artists' Names Secret

by Danna Lorch
What would happen to the art market if all work was sold and acquired democratically? That’s a pretty controversial question to ask at an art fair. In its 9th edition Art Dubai (March 18–21) drew an estimated 25,000 visitors to view modern and contemporary art from 92 galleries in plush exhibition halls. The art market in the United Arab Emirates is about as old as the fair, but thanks to a solid gallery scene, some record Christie’s auctions, and easy import and export policies, Dubai is... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 3/23/15

Art Dubai: To buy or not to buy

by Sam Steverlynck
With a great deal of high-quality exhibitors and artworks, exciting satellite shows, and a breath-taking setting – imagine an overwhelming skyline, palm trees, and a relaxed, holiday-like atmosphere – Art Dubai can look back at a successful 8th edition. “This is one of the most globalized art fairs in the world,” says Antonia Carver, Art Dubai’s director. “One third of the artists are from the Arab countries and half of them are from the Middle East and Southeast Asia.” Thanks to its... [more]
Posted by Sam Steverlynck on 3/25/14