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M. Lamar Turns a "Negrogothic" Lens onto Black Masculinity and the White Gaze

by Sola Agustsson
In , a multimedia installation that recently opened at ONE Gay and Lesbian National Archives at the USC Libraries, artist and composer M. Lamar confronts themes of Black masculinity, collective trauma, and the white gaze through his singular “Negrogothic” vision. Combining Lamar’s operatic sounds, sadomasochistic visuals, and lots of smoke, the exhibition’s multichannel black-and-white videos are beautifully Gothic, yet also haunted by symbols of racial violence, slavery, and mass... [more]
Posted by Sola Agustsson on 4/22/16

Racial Justice: A Collection of Books and Print Ephemera from Brooklyn's Interference Archive

by The Night Library
At our request, the Interference Archive, based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, kindly agreed to curate a collection on the theme of "Racial Justice" to present on ArtSlant. In keeping with the spirit of the project, this "volunteer-run library, gallery, and archive of historical materials related to social and political activism and movements" put a list together collectively, with members of the organization's volunteer archivist community selecting items they thought most accurately represented the... [more]
Posted by The Night Library on 3/21/16

Terrorists in the Library: A Peculiar Specimen

by Tara Plath
, a speculative research project organized by Chicago-based curator Ruslana Lichtzier, is a peculiar specimen. For one, it is located in the President’s Gallery of Harold Washington College in Chicago’s Loop, as part of Pedestrian Project, a lecture and exhibition program at the college. Situated at the end of a hallway on the eighth floor, adjacent to rows of administrative workstations, the work that is immediately noticeable is garishly out of place, and the those works not so easily... [more]
Posted by Tara Plath on 11/2/15

Bucharest Art Week Previews: 5 Minutes with Agnieszka Polska

by The Artslant Team
In conjunction with , an exhibition curated by Swiss-based arts writer and curator Olga Stefan within the frame of the second edition of Bucharest Art Week, a series of interviews were conducted with participating international artists.  In the weeks leading up to Laughter and Forgetting, ArtSlant will be publishing this series with artists including Clemens Von Wedemeyer, Dread Scott, Himali Singh Soin, and Agnieska Polska. Laughter and Forgetting is a citywide project taking place October... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/28/15

Paris Tear Sheets: The Lay of the Land

by Lara Atallah
You can find more information about ArtSlant's Georgia Fee Artist/Writer Residency here.   When the plane landed in Charles de Gaulle airport last week inaugurating my two-month residency in Paris, I remembered an article I once read in which the infamous general accused Churchill’s government of being responsible for the end of the French mandate over Lebanon and Syria 1943, the year French troops withdrew from the region. The mandate, which was sealed by the two European countries’... [more]
Posted by Lara Atallah on 7/10/15

Systems: Issue 4 of Editions

by Joel Kuennen
Table of Contents: Arte de Sistemas | Ionit Behar Map Art: Systems Unite | Gillian Dykeman Activating the Archive | Jessica Lynne Living Images, Digital Decay | Taylor Dafoe Systems for a Downer: on Artistic Failure | Philippa Snow Ed Fornieles, , 2015. Part of a new body of work that documents the artist's apartment using a live webcam. At the same time, a cartoon dimension will be layered over the top, unfolding its own narrative.   All Systems Are Go It could be said that... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 6/11/15

Activating the Archive: Kameelah Rasheed Untidies History

by Jessica Lynne
“You’re going to get me started on a rant,” Kameelah Janan Rasheed says in between laughs as I begin to ask her about America’s obsession with neat and tidy histories. “America loves a linear history and a linear history wants us to think about things as discrete events. We should instead be thinking about history as sets of logic and systems that preserve power.” It is a week before the opening of Rasheed’s latest solo exhibition, at The Weeksville Heritage Center in Brooklyn and it is... [more]
Posted by Jessica Lynne on 6/10/15

Kill Your Gallerist! Art for All!

by Nicole Rodríguez Woods
Joseph Beuys, Sigmar Polke, Rosemarie Trockel, and Christo are just some of the artists included in the exhibition at Berlin’s Akademie der Künste in under the slogan  (“Art for All”). The comprehensive show encompasses over 300 works by more than 150 artists from the Klaus Staeck collection.  Stefan Wewerka, Homburger, 1970. ©VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015. Photo: Roman März   Lawyer, graphic artist, political rabble-rouser, artwork publisher and most recently president of the Akademie der... [more]
Posted by Nicole Rodríguez Woods on 4/2/15

Newly Uncovered Secret Notes Reveal Thomas Kinkade Was Actually Genius Conceptual Artist

by The Artslant Team
A startling discovery has been made concerning one of contemporary art’s most polarizing artists. A new narrative has come to light concerning the Painter of Light™, Thomas Kinkade, after the artist’s private notes, previously hidden, have been made public for the first time. Kinkade’s illegitimate status in the contemporary art world had always vexed him, but, apparently, he intended to have the last laugh after all. Judging from his recently uncovered notes, which will be put on public... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 4/1/15

The Sphinx of Waikiki

by Gan Uyeda
At its genesis in the final years of the 19th century, the American Empire was more than just a land-based expansion westward. It was a network of islands, an American Archipelago. A hemispheric smear stretching from Puerto Rico through Cuba, out to Hawai'i, Samoa, Guam, and the Philippines, the real challenge for the American center—like all maritime imperial forces—consisted first and foremost in ensuring the reliable transmission of political, social, and commercial power over the many... [more]
Posted by Gan Uyeda on 3/24/15
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