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Why Is Anish Kapoor Exhibiting at the Jewish Museum in Moscow?

by Nadja Sayej
Almost immediately after British sculptor Anish Kapoor's solidarity walk for refugees with Ai Weiwei through London, he flew to Moscow to open a solo exhibition at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Entitled , he shows four artworks from 1993-2007 in a museum which typically focuses on Jewish history with multimedia presentations. Just recently have they decided to start showing temporary exhibitions with contemporary artists—and Kapoor is the first. The show is strange for two reasons:... [more]
Posted by Nadja Sayej on 10/1/15

Knock-Off Art and Tales of Artistic Production in Advanced Capitalism

by Joel Kuennen
I was recently at an art fair where one gallery—that shall remain nameless—presented the work of a young artist in a solo booth. The work, while distinct in some ways, was at the very least derivative of Anish Kapoor’s wall mounted discs. Enameled aluminum panels in sweeping gradients, they were perfectly suited to the market of the fair: take it home, put it on a wall. They were robust, large works that shouted “wealth.” Sold for $800-$2000 apiece. By the third day of the fair, the gallery was... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 8/27/15