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Feels Like Home: Andres Guerrero Opens His Home as Art Gallery

by Eva Recinos
In a residential neighborhood on a particularly sunny day in Bayview, you wouldn’t suspect that 1401 Thomas Ave was hosting an art opening. The one telltale sign: a bouncer at the door who asks for your name before you walk in. As he marks your name off, you walk up a staircase and find yourself in what looks like someone’s home. In fact, the space belongs to Andres Guerrero and he’s invited quite a few art lovers to walk through his rooms. The space definitely feels like a home—on a wall near... [more]
Posted by Eva Recinos on 7/28/14

The Miami Marine Stadium Mural Project: Using Street Art for Architectural Change

by Lori Zimmer
The long abandoned Miami Marine Stadium in Key Biscayne has been a favorite hot spot for local and international street artists since it closed after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Because of the ever-changing murals, the site has become an unexpected open-air gallery, adding incredible color to the secluded inlet once used for speed boat racing. Recognizing this renewed interest, the city of Miami, along with the Friends of Miami Marine Stadium and the National Trust, are planning to revamp the... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 7/23/14

2501: “Nomadic Experiment Anatomy of Restlessness”

by Kimberly B. Johnson
Italian born artist 2501 recently graced the LA scene with his latest exhibition, “Nomadic Experiment Anatomy of Restlessness.” The cryptic title is all too fitting for a man with a fair bit of mystery surrounding his persona. From the gallery to the streets—hitting display cases to stucco walls—2501 has kept manically busy in his creative efforts ever since hopping on the scene. The man never stops; mural campaigns, major art exhibitions to endless design projects, he’s become a valued... [more]
Posted by Kimberly B. Johnson on 7/14/14

Banksy did it for nothing then we sold it for thousands: Julien's Street Art Auction Beverly Hills

by Howie Stier
Any doubts about the broad appeal and ongoing vitality of street art were wiped out by the pre-auction scene at Julien’s last Thursday: more Palm Springs than Park Avenue. A fashionable crowd brought an exuberance, only partially fueled by a collective anticipation for six figure Banksy sales. An auction of nearly 100 pieces of street art featuring an array of Banksy works, which drew bidders from 15 nations and which had a high estimated value of one million dollars, fell far short of that... [more]
Posted by Howie Stier on 7/11/14

No Edge of Canvas Remains Untouched: SEN2 at 1AM Gallery

by Eva Recinos
Neighborhoods might be imaginary divisions based on street names, but they hold a real effect over our lives. If we stay in one neighborhood during our entire childhood, it ultimately shapes our world views. If we travel to a new one, we might come back with a shifted perspective. Out of all art forms, graffiti and street art especially emphasize place and space. For graffiti writers tagging trains in New York in the 1980s, the rush was knowing other neighborhoods would see your tag. You... [more]
Posted by Eva Recinos on 7/9/14

Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK

by Char Jansen
High hopes for this seductively titled show: a subject that is rarely examined in depth in a museum context, with all the resources at their disposition. Added to this was the idea of discovering some of the British Library’s comprehensive archive at the UK’s biggest ever exhibition of comics. This was going to be fun. The thing that this show does well is to highlight how key the role of comics has been in propagating political change. Presenting comics from the late Victorian era onwards,... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 7/2/14

LA can be a very inspiring place if you let it: Interview with Aaron Farley

by Laura Havlin
Los Angeles-based, Portland-born artist, photographer and director Aaron Farley’s work is both a product of and a window into the unique blues and oranges that colour the skies and landscapes of his adopted city. “There is something about the openness here in LA: it’s crowded, but there is so much space and open sky,” he explains. “We also live near the mountains and are very close to downtown, so I think that juxtaposition probably weighs in on the conversation too. LA can be a very inspiring... [more]
Posted by Laura Havlin on 6/22/14

ROA's Projectum 06 Installation at Stolenspace Gallery

by Laura Havlin
Tapping into the slightly sinister-edged Victorian freak show stalwart, the hall of mirrors, street artist ROA’s installation at Stolenspace Gallery in London’s East End, , is an unsettling experience designed with a surprise around every corner. Salvaged materials, doors, mesh panels, odd displays of found objects and danger signs give the maze-like structure an off-limits feel, as if visitors have had to break into some specially quarantined area to access the space; or, when visiting during... [more]
Posted by Laura Havlin on 6/22/14

From 50/50 to Gold Haus: the Ethos of Highland Park's Street Art Gallery

by Howie Stier
On a spring evening in Highland Park the Los Angeles skies have turned to dark, the first wave of an art walk crowd has come and gone and still no sign of the guy whose work is on the walls at the 50/50 gallery on York Boulevard. Word spreads that street artist SEK got pinched—he remains locked up for vandalism—and gallerist Jes Navarro is uneasy. She’s invested a lot in this show. Beyond the standard obligation a gallery takes on—rent, publicity—and motivated by her vision of bringing street... [more]
Posted by Howie Stier on 6/20/14

Street Art Basel

by Natalie Hegert
Two years ago ArtSlant published this article on street art in Basel during the Art Basel fair week. We figured it's a good time to revisit it, as Art Basel 2014 is now in full swing. I can't promise that the street works featured here are still around, nor can I promise that all the links still work here! Original article here. There's only so much art fair one can handle. Those big halls get more crowded as the weekend wanes, your feet start to ache and your eyes ache even more.  If you've... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 6/19/14
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