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I Tell You What Freedom Is to Me: No Fear

by Joel Kuennen
When I first heard of Shaun Leonardo’s performance project, —a performance that taught spectators self-defense moves like how to break a chokehold if they are in a situation where they are being accosted—I was skeptical of its merit. Was it benefiting from a tragedy, or addressing real concerns? Would it incite citizens to resist arrest, or would it give people a sense of agency if they ever felt unjustly threatened? The performance follows the death of Eric Garner and the non-indictment of the... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 10/8/15

Solidarity, Visibility, and Tactical Activism: Responding to Police Brutality with Art on the Street

by Samantha Redles
“Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact.” —William S. Burroughs It is usually the first question pondered and the most difficult to answer. The Sandtown/Winchester communities are still in the process of healing over three months after what the media has named the Baltimore Riots. Both neighborhood residents and Baltimoreans citywide have been attempting to make sense of the complex and multilayered... [more]
Posted by Samantha Redles on 8/8/15