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Naomi Beckwith in Conversation with Solange and Mickalene Thomas

by Joel Kuennen
On Wednesday evening, EXPO, in partnership with Kavi Gupta and Saint Heron sponsored a panel discussion at the artsy clubhouse, Soho House, Chicago. The panel, moderated by MCA curator Naomi Beckwith, consisted of Mickalene Thomas and Solange. (Full disclosure: ArtSlant’s Stephanie Cristello works for EXPO Chicago and helped organize the panel.) The names on the panel were enough of a draw but the discussion between these three creative world heavyweights was a fascinating and timely... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 9/18/15

Highlights and Surprises: A First Look at EXPO Chicago 2015

by Ionit Behar
In its fourth edition, EXPO Chicago has shown considerable institutional growth, adding new programs and publications, and expanding from 125 galleries in 2012 to 140 from 16 countries in 2015. A few months ago, signs promoting the fair popped up all around the city, boosting expectations for art lovers. Although EXPO is open to the public for just three days, the week of September 14-20—now referred as the EXPO Art Week—is one of the Chicago art scene’s busiest times of the year. Collectors,... [more]
Posted by Ionit Behar on 9/18/15

EXPO Weekender: The Best Is Yet to Come

by The Artslant Team
As Chicago's biggest art week builds to a crescendo, many of the best talks and events are still to come over this weekend. EXPO is marking itself out for its genuine interest in connecting what the commercial art fair does with conversations happening in parallel. While many fairs attempt to do this, EXPO has panel discussions with broad, understandable topics that open out to design, fashion, and commerce, reflecting more realistically the complexion of the art world, its influences—and its... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 9/17/15

Cryptographics: An Interview with Curator's Open Winner Manus Groenen

by Max Nesterak
Manus Groenen’s show was selected as the winner of ArtSlant’s Curator’s Open, where we asked readers to use our massive database of art to design an exhibition. Now showing at EXPO CHICAGO Art Fair, Groenen’s Cryptographics brings together twelve unique artworks exploring different forms of marking, both linguistic and pictorial. Reflective of the mysterious text his show honors, Groenen’s Cryptographics features works touching on the cosmological, the obscured, and the occult. We caught up... [more]
Posted by Max Nesterak on 9/20/14

What’s In A Multiple?

by Gan Uyeda
Just on the basis of massiveness, EXPO CHICAGO’s top-tier art fair on Navy Pier could be expected to have pervasive and rippling effects through the art system of Chicago, and ripple it does. Museums line up stardusted blockbusters to coincide with the fair, galleries arrange collector-centric city tours, and the city’s Cultural Affairs department antes up sponsorship for a gallery crawl shuttle. For the second year running, one of the EXPO ripples will be EDITION Chicago, a kind of mini-fair... [more]
Posted by Gan Uyeda on 9/19/14

Art Fair Musical: Setting the Stage for IN/SITU at EXPO CHICAGO

by Caroline Picard
As Chicago approaches the four day run of its annual art fair, the art world becomes increasingly animated with preparations. This is the moment backstage of an as-yet empty auditorium; red carpets are cleaned one last time as painters touch up their back drops and technicians in black clothes hastily test light and sound sequences. Dancers stretch. Producers sweat, fiddling their mobile devices unconsciously. There is a palpable buzz of anticipation — an energy not yet disseminated into the... [more]
Posted by Caroline Picard on 9/16/14

The Sovereign of the Lakes

by James Pepper Kelly
On a humid Thursday, shortly before sunset, taxis and town cars carrying well-coiffed women and men will converge on 600 East Grand Avenue. There, joined by a crowd of somewhat lesser personages on foot, they will step into the belly of the beast: Navy Pier Festival Hall, as redesigned by Studio Gang Architects. After three hours inside the leviathan, touched by “celebratory food and drink” and saturated with art, they will emerge—the faithful—into the rainy night. The unseen moon will be full.... [more]
Posted by James Pepper Kelly on 9/19/13

EXPO CHICAGO: The Start of the Circuit

by Joel Kuennen
On August 21st, the published an article entitled, “For Art Dealers, a New Life on the Circuit.” In it, a great lament for the loss of the fat times when dealers had but to sit in their galleries and wait for buyers to walk through the door. Now, they must trot around the globe, hawking their wares like common international businessmen and businesswomen. Reeling back the snark, traveling is tough; it keeps a person on-edge, off-center but it’s an increasing reality for those invested in a... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 9/19/13

EDITION: An Intimate Fair

EDITION Chicago is a new art fair put together by Andrew Rafacz, principal of the gallery that bears his name, and Carolina Jayaram, Executive Director of Chicago Artists Coalition (CAC). It’s the inaugural year of the fair, but Rafacz and Jayaram both bring over a decade of experience to the table: Rafacz as a gallerist and art fair participant himself, and Jayaram as an arts administrator who, while living in Miami before coming to Chicago, was heavily involved with connecting the... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 9/17/13

The Sophomore Year: An Interview with Tony Karman, President and Director of EXPO Chicago

by Thomas Connors
Chicago’s rocky road in the art fair business isn’t such a distant memory. But if the second iteration of EXPO CHICAGO – running September 19-22 – proves as appealing as its debut last year, that history may be finally relegated to the category of old news. As exhibitors put the finishing touches to their booths on Navy Pier, the show’s President and Director, Tony Karman, offers a few thoughts on his state of the art. Tony Karman: First and foremost was forming a selection committee of... [more]
Posted by Thomas Connors on 9/17/13
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