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The Bergen Assembly: Translating Research into Learning, and Art

by Josie Thaddeus-Johns
An old Norwegian woman in a green and silver Smurf costume, paint smeared on her face, is making chocolate cookies in an underground-bunker-turned-car-park. Standing behind her, contributing to the cookery process, is a parrot-masked performer, stirring the mixture and slapping flour-dusted hands together. It’s the haphazard sort of mayhem that Marvin Gaye Chetwynd has become known for producing throughout her career, and which saw her nominated for the Turner Prize in 2012. This particular... [more]
Posted by Josie Thaddeus-Johns on 9/12/16

Made in L.A. 2016: Wipe Your Feet on the Way Out

by Lauren McQuade
Cracked and imperfect, resting atop a section of otherwise crisp white marble floor, is a carpet of gridded reddish dirt. At the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, in a biannual exhibition tasked with representing local creativity, a portrait of the region’s artistic practice takes shape—installed alongside the very firmament from which it was excavated. The earth, the grit, the material of the city—literal and imagined—makes its way into the museum. “It's a dynamic moment in Los Angeles,” said... [more]
Posted by Lauren McQuade on 6/27/16

14th Istanbul Biennial: Saltwater Dissolves Fiction in the Truth of Desolation

by Pınar Üner Yılmaz
On September 3rd, social media went wild with a distressing image of a dead Syrian boy lying face down in the sand after his tiny body was washed ashore from the saltwater of the Mediterranean Sea. Fleeing from war in Syria, seeking refuge in Europe, the little boy died when one of the boats, carrying six Syrians, sank after leaving Akyarlar, Turkey, in a desperate attempt to cross the sea straight to Kos, Greece. That same day, the 14th Istanbul Biennial, with its theme held its press... [more]
Posted by Pınar Üner Yılmaz on 9/11/15

Sharjah Biennial 12: The Right to the City

by Danna Lorch
It is a pity for someone with a good sense of direction to visit Sharjah Biennial 12 (SB12) at Sharjah Art Foundation. You are given a map with free admission, but I advise that you leave it folded in your back pocket, because the best part of the Biennial involves getting lost in the maze of coral-walled alleyways leading to contemporary galleries that shock in their contrast to the heritage area in which they sit. Turn a corner and you might hit a dead-end; or you could find yourself face to... [more]
Posted by Danna Lorch on 3/16/15

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale Take Two: Why We Need to Improve Arts Funding in India

by Deepika Sorabjee
The story of the first Kochi Muziris Biennale could quite well have been a Bollywood film plot, so melodramatic was its December 2012 inauguration (12/12/12). It battled fund crunching fires, technical spills, and bad press before emerging as a hero, hailed as a new format of biennale making. The biennale was established by two artists, Bose Krishnamachari and Riyas Komu, who, in the decades contemporary art came into its own in India, went where no one had been before. Like the quintessential... [more]
Posted by Deepika Sorabjee on 12/11/14

Documenta 14 to be held in Athens

by Andrea Alessi
, hosted in Kassel, Germany, every four or five years since 1955, announced yesterday that 2017’s documenta 14 will add a second host city: Athens. The mega-exhibition won’t abandon its Kassel home, but rather will run its signature 100 days in both locations. Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk hopes this gesture will address “the current social and political situation both in Europe and globally, which motivates artistic action.” Rather than dislocate the art world institution, the move will... [more]
Posted by Andrea Alessi on 10/8/14

SITElines 2014: A Veteran Biennial Lays Down New Roots

by Hannah Hoel
SITE Santa Fe’s new biennial series, , signals a new format for recurrent exhibitions that reduces the term “biennial” to its simplest definition: every two years. For almost twenty years, the institution was faithful to the timely concentration of international artists and rising curators served in a publicized melting pot. After all, SITE lays claim to the first international biennial of contemporary art in the United States: Longing and Belonging: From the Faraway Nearby (1995). Its... [more]
Posted by Hannah Hoel on 7/20/14

Rethinking Regional: An Interview With the Curators Who Are Shaking Up SITE Santa Fe

by Lauren Tresp
SITE Santa Fe was founded in 1995 as an institutional platform for the only international biennial in the United States, and one of only a few dozen internationally. Since then the number of biennials worldwide has proliferated. In 2011, SITE took a strategic hiatus from the biennial model in order to re-imagine what the SITE Santa Fe biennial could be. In July 2014, SITE returns with , the first of the exhibition series SITElines: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas, a six-year commitment... [more]
Posted by Lauren Tresp on 7/2/14

Rooted to the Landscape, Commited to the Community: Santa Fe in 2013

by Lauren Tresp
Art is felt to be Santa Fe’s lifeblood, both in terms of economic prosperity and in the more abstract sense of cultural capital. Thus, visual creations creep their way onto every available surface, and this is part of the city’s charm: art is not restricted to the gallery and the museum. In the City Different, hit exhibitions take place in widely varying venues, from restaurants and cafes to makeshift studios and auto mechanic garages; visual expression just runs that deep. There is a dark side... [more]
Posted by Lauren Tresp on 1/23/14
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