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Artists' Desks

by Char Jansen
What does the interior architecture of the artist's workspace tell us about their process and practice? In psychoanalytic terms, it's often assumed that the artist's studio is a reflection of the artist's thinking.   But nowadays, the spaces artists inhabit are very different than what they once were: they've had to adapt to a more migratory life, squeezed by bigger economic problems. The desk is really the only universal marker left, a synecdoche of the artist's studio; it's where the action... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 1/22/16

What Do We See in Their Eyes? 22 Years Later, Documenting Watts

by Edo Dijksterhuis
“These photographs are actually racist.” I was shocked, to put it mildly, to hear my friend deliver this verdict of the Dana Lixenberg show at Huis Marseille. How could she say this of a body of work universally applauded for offering a respectful alternative to the stereotypical depictions of African-Americans? “They all look aggressive and arrogant, even the babies, and there’s hatred of white people in their eyes,” she retorted. “Lixenberg made them pose that way, so she’s responsible for... [more]
Posted by Edo Dijksterhuis on 1/8/16

A Visionary Who Created a World: Celebrating the Life of Noah Davis

by Rachel Elizabeth Jones
In 2009, Noah Davis completed his painting . Five brown-bodied figures carry a boat across the frame and past a figure clad in black holding a trumpet at his side. It is a painting tremendous for its potent symbolism that lays no precise claims, for its mysterious foreboding rendered like a summer landscape.  Much of the art world is still in mourning for Noah who on died Saturday, August 29th, at his home in Ojai, California. He was 32, his far-too-soon passing caused by a rare form of... [more]
Posted by Rachel Elizabeth Jones on 9/11/15

This Must Be the Place

by Christina Catherine Martinez
The art bar has an amorphous history, beginning perhaps with Cabaret Voltaire and reaching critical mass with those pilot program Starbucks that serve wine and put out incomplete chess sets after sunset. My own baptism into this genre of space was descending into the speakeasy underneath China Art Objects’ original Chung King Road location seven or eight years ago. Cramped, hot, definitely not up to code—nonetheless, I felt insanely glamorous, tucked into an odoriferous red-lit corner, sipping... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 6/18/15

Photo Report: UCLA Spring Open Studios

by The Artslant Team
Walking through UCLA's graduate studios in Culver City one Saturday evening is a like walking through a giant sprawling work in process, something artists rarely make in public, because it's messy, untuned, revealing in its imperfection, and of course, just incomplete. All the shabby studentness of the event contributed to the rawness of the works: half names scrawled on doors, crates of beers, some cheese and crackers warming on the floor of an installation. Compared to the professional patina... [more]
Posted by The Artslant Team on 6/1/15

The Awkwardness of Averageness: Raymond Pettibon’s American Sickness

by Char Jansen
“I’m not walking down there, there’s a body on the floor,” my friend Shai said. We were coming out of a pizza place that had a gunshot mark in the TV. “Come on, it’s fine. She’s not dead.” As we walked past the disputed human being lying face down in the middle of the stenching sidewalk, she turned on her side and smiled vaguely into the distance with her elderly, meth-lined face. , 2015, Collage and ink on paper Sickness is something you encounter on a daily basis in Los Angeles. Sinking... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 5/26/15

LA Continues Growth as an Art Fair Destination in 2015

by Antonia Ward
Art Los Angeles Contemporary. In anticipation of this gala start to the year, ArtSlant takes a brief look at these keystones of the LA art scene.   This year the LA Art Show celebrates its 20th anniversary. The growth of the event is testament both to its popularity and to the wider, most remarkable progression of the Los Angeles art market. Launched in 1994 as an admittedly “small regional event featuring 14 galleries,” the fair now presents over 22,000 artworks from more than 120 galleries... [more]
Posted by Antonia Ward on 1/15/15

A Cool, Darkling Swirl: Benjamin Millepied’s LA Dance Works at the Ace

by Andrew Berardini
What literature is to words and music is to sound, dance is to movement. Refined into a language—from the cosmic shimmy to the mash-potato, Viennese waltzing to a raver’s speaker humping, and of course, that formal staging from ballet to music videos we call simply we take movement and communicate joy or boredom, despair or titillation, or if good, all of the above.   Seeing the LA Dance Project last weekend at the Ace in Los Angeles, it was hard not to find the whole affair intensely... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 10/30/14

No Longer Lonely (but maybe still a bit brutal): September Openings Across Los Angeles

by Andrew Berardini
The long languor of summer never truly fades in Los Angeles, but the heat simmers down just enough for the long sunsets to subside into cool nights, when prodigal travelers hurry home from sunstroked beaches and slaving artists vernissage across the city. Autumnal LA, though it certainly colors, hardly chills. Art exhibitions thickly dapple across this considerable town: Giuseppe Penone at Gagosian and Sam Falls at Hannah Hoffman on the 5th. On the 6th, Culver City unbolts with Ryan Mosley and... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 9/4/14

The Realized, Unrealized, and Unrealizable: Everything Loose Will Land at the Graham Foundation

by Gan Uyeda
In the sprawling exhibition Everything Loose Will Land, currently on view at the Graham Foundation, curator Sylvia Lavin deftly tells the story how the worlds of art, architecture, and urban design came together in fantastical and bizarre ways throughout the 1970s. The title comes from a supposed quotation by Frank Lloyd Wright: “Tip the world over on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.”[1] The exhibition is packed with architectural models, building plans, sculptures,... [more]
Posted by Gan Uyeda on 7/18/14
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