Can a Cartoonist be an Outsider Artist? Annual Outsider Art Fair Post 2017

                    These drawings were done from 1918 to 1919 by Elizabeth Stohn.  Ms Stone was a child at the time, and was something of a "cross-category" artist.  Part Schoolgirl art, part naive, part trained (as she had just completed her "art school training" by correspondence school. )  Certainly not what is generally considered "outsider" art, though that term is pretty widely applied as far as I can tell.  These... [more]
Posted by Jim Linderman on 10/19/17

Sounds from the AIR Vintage Photographs of Ether by Jim Linderman

Vintage photographs of mystery and science. In SOUNDS FROM THE AIR one will find pictures of the invisible. The presence of audible waves as captured by anonymous photographers. Mysterious and beautiful visions in sepia. The language of ether. Collected and curated, the pictures generate the buzz of static without making a noise. 78 pages. Available in paperback and instant PDF download. Jim Linderman has produced numerous art and photography books on the obscure.  AVAILABLE HERE FROM... [more]
Posted by Jim Linderman on 2/16/17

Antique African-American Folk Art Sculpture Memphis, TN

An African-American effigy made of cement with bead eyes and gold paint.  Circa 1920 (?) found in the Whitehaven neighborhood of Memphis, TN in the mid 1980s.  Purchased at an African-American family yard sale.  They likely "inherited" the piece, as they said it was "always sitting on the back steps."  Inscribed around base "JIM LADY".  A very early example of the African-American esthetic retained in the United States in a figural manner.  Antique African-American Folk art sculpture with... [more]
Posted by Jim Linderman on 1/24/17

The Garden of Hawkins Bolden African American Folk Outsider Art

    Mr. Bolden's make-do scarecrows have attracted attention from collectors (and some scholars) for many years now…but you don't really need a scarecrow unless you have a garden. If you ever wondered what a blind man's garden might look like, this is it.  Years had passed since he laid it out and surrounded it with muscular figures, somehow, from his mind's eye.  The only eyes Bolden had were taken from him as a child while playing in Memphis, TN. Like the figures for which... [more]
Posted by Jim Linderman on 1/18/17

B. E. Riddick African American Erotic Obsessive Outsider Art

The fetishistic, obsessive drawings of Virginia artist B. E. Riddick were discovered likely after his passing.  While drawn in the 1970s (on flattened shopping bags) the work still has the power to shock.  Beyond erotic, Riddick's drawings are a personal (and likely once secretive) exposing of the hidden obsessions of an artist.  Bizarre and beyond.  Some 200 works appear to exist.  [more]
Posted by Jim Linderman on 1/18/17