Comng to some new realizations in my mind.  I skipped a grade in grammer school and it somehow through me into a tailspin.  My life has kind of repeated this patterning.  I could express this giftedness in my art and yet I don't feel any control over it's use.  I'll have to be used by it.  Inspired.  Picasso inspires me again. [more]
Posted by Julie Wishmeyer on 3/31/13


I've been in Minneapolis, Mn for 5 days.  I feel a million miles from home.  Talked with my mom last night.  She sounds different since the stroke.  It is like she had a shock and then melted.  She seems more relaxed because she is.  I don't know how to judge it.  I feel uncomfortable with my striving.  It is almost like I need something that isn't happening.   [more]
Posted by Julie Wishmeyer on 1/21/13


Today I spent the day with Paul driving around the Badlands.  It was very windy and all the sage blew off the dashboard.  A small tour bus of Japanese visitors stopped.  We braved the mud and wind to checkout the view.  The sky was an intensely crisp blue against the sunny orange yellow peaks.  The long horn sheep crossed the road.  We toured Potato Creek (part of Pine Ridge) entered his boyhood log cabin and eat lunchmeat sandwiches from the gas station/grocery store.  A man greeted Paul... [more]
Posted by Julie Wishmeyer on 2/13/11


Just sitting in my motel in Sheridan, Wyoming.  I've been stranded in my room for 3 days waiting for parts, repairs, claims to work themselves out.  I would have pushed myself to make the 375 mile journey in one night, but life had other plans.  Glad for the rest.  Without a car and below zero degree temps I'm not doing anything and I think it has been good for me.  I'm so restless trying to push my life agenda.  So here I am.  Just Julie on the guard rail, existing moment to moment. [more]
Posted by Julie Wishmeyer on 2/9/11