The Mind of an Artist

The Mind of an Artist An artist is born with a particular kind of mind, a mind that thinks outside the box...not just some of the time - most of the time. They are not given to the occasional "ah-ha" that many people experience when their defensive armor accidentally falls off for a moment and they are able to experience something outside the "norm". They are given to constant "ah-ha's" and yet somehow try to focus on the here and now and think inside the box so that they can make enough... [more]
Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09

Belden – Diamond in the Rough and Lou-Lou

I was so skinny and wild then; just out of art school during the recession, when art therapists were not appreciated (still are not). I bartended 4:00 a.m. bars and went out partying at 6:00a.m. bars after work with the gang....can you say, "Jagermeister"? I didn't eat and couldn't get food stamps because I was white. I was always living on the edge, looking for excitement and denying reality (still do, the latter). He was the most gorgeous guy living in that loft building in Chicago. His... [more]
Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09

Tank Girl afterthoughts

Thankfully I was ignorant of my own fear; that's the only way I accomplished anything. I was the dark-haired girl with low self esteem that Lori Petty beat into sensibility with her ignorant brevity. Lexi Quay showed me all there was to show about Chicago and it's rich, oppressed and dangerous ways. She was the icon of courage and the metaphor for emotions. I took her around in my cheap, hatchback Pinto to all the finest nightclubs in the early 90's only to come away in a fine limo with... [more]
Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09

Monopoly in Appalachia

It was so great that I finally found a girl friend in that one-horse town. It was so lonely out on the farm....I was the only little girl in the mile radius and all the older boys were always pawing at my privates. Later on in my life my therapist told me that, in other cultures/countries, it's really not such a big deal that little girls get pawed at at such a young age. That makes me feel much better about what I'm about to divulge. That friend that I told you about earlier...she was a... [more]
Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09

The Trip Home From Baltimore

I made very few trips home from art school in the 80's, partly because I really didn't want to go home and partly because my pinto hatchback could hardly make it home each time I took the 4-1/2 hour drive. I am recollecting one particular trip home from The Maryland Institute, College of Art, driving home in the ice and snow through the Appalachian Mountains. The roads were cut into the sides of the hills and they curved around the mountain. Elevation levels varied greatly and oxygen levels... [more]
Posted by Virginia Erdie on 3/30/09