My Homeland Art Project

Feb 2012: I received the Multi Arts Leadership Initiative grant for my Arts and Education proposed project My Homeland. The proposal is nominated for full grant and an additional award money. The My Homeland project and the traveling exhibition will be conducted between March-June 2012 in San Jose, Mountain View and Cupertino, CA. [more]
Posted by Pantea Karimi on 3/27/12

San Jose Mercury News

Jan 2012: San Jose Mercury News, Kathryn Funk, Artik shows Curator, speaks about my political watercolor paintings at the Focus Gallery in Artik firm: At a glance, the pieces feature intricate shapes, florals and patterns in a rainbow of pastel shades. But a closer look reveals more provocative images, such as the likeness of the Ayatollah Khomeini. This is an excellent example of finely done, quality images that are loaded politically and socially. [more]
Posted by Pantea Karimi on 3/27/12