The Pacific curse

To be president of the Pacific is the devil's ambition to rule the world,  it seems that the Pacific waters are under a curse, when the old devil was domesticated, a new and more terrible devil arises, may God stop this curse and bless all people in the Pacific ,Amen! [more]
Posted by Zhenlian on 4/27/13

The Japanese shams

The greatest threat to world peace is the ressurection of the Japanese Nazi, what is most satiric to global intelligence is that these second world war devils are pretending that they are the victims of the Second World War,  they are now making a lot of noices to accuse others of menacing their securities.  In fact the japs are just making pretences so as to erase their war crimes and they are doing all kinds of tricks to erase memories of their war crimes.  When they bark at the North Koreans... [more]
Posted by Zhenlian on 12/10/12

Don't nip in the bud

In my opinion, all art consist of maturity,philosophy ,passion and talent, that is to say art is not composed of talent alone. If a child of ten shows that he has the  talent to paint, all we should do is to encourage him, if we push him into the world of  adults, it is just like pulling the seed out of the earth to help it to grow faster, doing this does the child more harm than good. [more]
Posted by Zhenlian on 3/9/10

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Posted by Zhenlian on 1/31/09