Sugar Hill Children's Museum Welcomes Faith Ringgold Home

Harlem is home for writer, mixed-media sculptor, painter, and performance artist, Faith Ringgold. Born at Harlem Hospital in 1930, it is where Ringgold's story begins, where her creativity took flight, and remains a thread throughout much of her artistry. Perhaps, best known for her narrative quilts and brought into mainstream view by –  an award-winning “book for children of all ages” – Ringgold's world-wide accomplishments are too numerous to list. They include more than 80 awards, take... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 10/27

Out of This Garden Grows...

The Learning Visit yielded two days-worth of meaningful contributions from its attendees – histories, fears, challenges, dreams, triumphs, promises, successes, practical applications, and obstacles were all unpacked. Ellen Baxter, BHC's Founder and Executive Director, revealed campfire morsels from a treasure trove of experiences. And, a common goal sat at the center of it all, to which we were all conjoined. As the ancient saying goes, ‘We were all spokes of the same wheel.’ “Gourmet... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 6/30

THE FUTURE OF ART: Haile King-Rubie Celebrates New Art & Another Trip Around the Sun

On Saturday, May 14, 2016, Harlem Besame will unveil a new exhibition featuring the art of Haile King-Rubie - a triumphant young man whose unique perspective, as an artist living with Downs Syndrome, has given him an extraordinary view of the world.  The Opening Reception will also double as the 26th birthday celebration for the artist, whose special day is a robust tradition celebrated by his family and a lifetime community of friends who know him for his loving and creative spirit, and who... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 5/7/16

THE FUTURE OF ART: Fabiola Jean-Louis Rewrites History

Recently exhibited at Harlem School of the Arts' freshly renovated Gallery Space, Fabiola Jean-Louis' is an interdisciplinary series that serves up a ride through antiquity and imagination. Modern period dresses, fashioned almost entirely from paper, become actors in a photographic essay that challenges notions of reality, time and space. Visual, sculptural and performative at once, the artist creates a world that embodies an alternate past where people of color might have lived as royalty and... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 4/9/16

Art, Love, Rock & Roll: An Interactive Tribute to Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland fans paid tribute to the fallen rock star at an interactive tribute event held at MIST Harlem on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. The event revolved around an art exhibition which included a 40"x50" oil portrait of Weiland painted in 2014. It additionally featured music video presentatons, a sing-along, and a live art happening in which guests and fans from around the world contributed their favorite lyrics to another portrait-in-progress. This one, at 4x6 feet, is even more monumental... [more]
Posted by Omo Misha on 1/15/16