Purple Goo is GooooOOOOOooood

Screen graphics created while using Purple-Goo, the new sound stretching application available for iPad and iPhone; Photo by Seanica Howe. Two years ago in an interview with the Brooklyn Rail the well-known performance artist Ulay talked about how the art of the 1960s and 70s had been a crucial opportunity for altering the definition of what art is, but had failed. During this time artists such as himself, Allan Kaprow, and Fluxus---to name a few---began to create work that embraced impermanence and eliminated the distinction between artist and viewer. This type of art had tremendous potential to... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 8/3/13

Why Michael Jon Gallery and the Artists of “Gattaca” Matter

Will Rockel, You think you are an orange and begin to peel yourself, 2013; ©Will Rockel/Courtesy Hunter Braithwaite Friday night’s gallery opening at Michael Jon Gallery sparked seedy flashbacks of my trips to New York's Lower East Side, where my friends and I would hit gallery after gallery in search of the next great artist. Unlike its more grown-up sister, Chelsea, where established artists are backed by gallery owners with deep pockets and large spaces, the Lower East Side offered us chance meetings with gifted unknowns while we all rubbed elbows---often literally.... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 7/31/13

Miami’s Art Scene Just Got Hotter, Thanks to the Germans

Inside CU-1 Gallery with three of its founders (from left to right): Marc Schmidt, Rober Weber, and Stephan Goettlicher; Photo by Seanica Howe. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. By water, I mean art, and by drink, well, let’s just say I haven’t been doing much. Miami, leaving New York to come back to you was not an easy decision. Are you aware of the number of mouth-watering Thai restaurants that exist in Manhattan? When I traded them in for sugary coffee and guava pastries, I didn’t complain. And, my substitute boyfriend, availabl... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 7/16/13

Let's Talk About Sze....and the Venice Biennale

Time pushes us through life, and many of us don't have the opportunity to travel the world, much less take a moment to ourselves, to experience new places, people, and things.  More often than not, jobs, children, and a multitude of acquired responsibilities begin to take precedence over big dreams and the exciting challenge of entering uncharted territory.  Recently I met up with some old friends, all of whom have children and these very stable, contained lives.  Seeing them with their families was beautiful, almost regrettably so, and for a moment I envied them.  I don't know why, but I did... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/20/13

Art Basel in Basel, Day Four: The People Behind the Magic

Joan McLoughlin, owner of The McLoughlin Gallery, pictured with artists (from left to right) David Middlebrook and Mckay Otto as well as McLoughlin gallerist Antonio Cortez; Photo by Seanica Howe. On my final day in Basel I would be remiss if I didn't do a little storytelling and share with you what goes on behind the scenes.  Unlike Miami, only a few satellites---SCOPE, Volta, and Liste---attempt to compete with the main Art Basel fair in Basel.  This year was especially challenging for these mid-level dealers; the Art Basel space came with a new face and, according to those who had atte... [more]
Posted by Seanica Howe on 6/16/13