Art Basel 2012

The 2012 edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach officially closed yesterday, Sunday, December 9. Praised by artists, exhibitors and visitors as Art Basel’s most serious presentation in Miami Beach to date, its galleries across the board reported some great showings. Art Basel may have been the main attraction, but my friends and I found ourselves just as captivated by the vast collection of Art Deco architecture along Collins Avenue. Untitled was particularly interesting, as it was held in a tent directly on the beach. The tent was constructed so that the fair was lit by entirely naturally light a... [more]
Posted by Jayson Kim on 12/20/12

Asian Art Trends

One trend among the younger artists is work influenced by Japanese anime and cartoons. Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami are key influences for younger artists trying to grab auction-house attention. MOCA Shanghai curator Victoria Lu has coined the phrase “animamix” to describe the style and has held the Animamix Biennial at the Shanghai museum since 2007. This year, the Animamix Biennial is expanding to four venues and will be interesting to see this continues to influence the south pacific art scene. [more]
Posted by Jayson Kim on 8/19/12

ACAW & The Taste of Others

Perhaps Asian Contemporary Art Week, (ACAW) and The Taste of Others are the two projects that spell out your name in caps.  You create projects that may conclude organically when they have to, and in the meantime you sustain them with great dedication.  I think this is a personal committment is a key component for both projects. For me, this is a process of unlearning or making sense of all the “dead information” that one accumulates through conventional study. The task of maturity is to navigate through that jungle. I am not interested in positioning expertise, rather in creating both a pe... [more]
Posted by Jayson Kim on 1/18/12