Ana Finel Honigman: Art Hub Copenhagen

    Copenhagen’s art-hub called Karrier is a subversive top-tier art installation, because it actually functions as an every day restaurant-bar. The food is not serving the art; it's the other way around. In this sense, Karrier is at once the most "digestible" and the most subversive mixture of food and art. The food and drinks at Karriere are classic, comforting, seasonal and healthy, but the main draw is the interactive and conceptual pieces of exclusive, site-specific art on display in... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/30/09

Sophia Powers: An Old Life in a New Museum

    Have you ever wondered how you would behave—what you would do, how you would comport yourself while doing it-- if others were watching your “private actions?” I suppose this sort of rumination is the secular update of the classic notion that God is always watching. Perhaps the need for this feeling is still there, despite the jump from deep interiority to radical exteriority that much of modern consciousness seems to have taken. What if there were a public audience for your private... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/23/09

Andy Ritchie: Repetition, Repetition

  Without repetition, things cannot organize.   Factory or site, casting, stacking, welding, mortaring, in rhythm and in line. Organization and redistribution of information comprise art--well, comprise many things. Organization is the broadest level (the widest plinth) of creative thinking.                               Some machines were designed to further organize and smoothen out variability in the human touch, to preserve and replicate the original human... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/16/09

BFerguson: For Let in London

    Not long ago I shared a small idea with Vito Acconci. Our chat hadn't interrupted him whilst he was in mid-masturbatory simulation, but went on after a talk between Acconci and Steven Holl held at London's Tate Modern on the collaboration of Art & Architecture.  The topic of the talk was Storefront for Art and Architecture and Acconci’s design process. In the discussion, Acconci commented on a problem with his design, namely that when it rained one could not open the rotating... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/9/09

Abraham Ritchie: The Unfulfilled Promise of Graffiti

      The successful transition of graffiti art from the outside world to the inside of a gallery remains a challenge largely unmet by graffiti artists. Graffiti has come to include a wide array of subgenres so let me be clear about the form I am discussing: Large, multi-colored, elaborate, spray painted murals that take up large walls, commonly called ‘burners’ or ‘pieces'. These works involve words and sometimes figures, executed in a variety of styles. Graffiti like this has tremendous... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/3/09